Thursday, January 05, 2006


The Assads (they top the list of killers), Jumblatts, Geagea, Aoun, Berri and of course Sharon and their cohorts are all war criminals that should be prosecuted and locked away for a very long time.
They have killed and maimed hundreds of thousands over the years.
Today these billionaire princes are destroying the future of tens of millions of young people.
They do not care about creating opportunity and wealth. They do not care about employment, education and health.
They care about their wealth and their power.
They do not care about your average Mohammed, Ali or Elie.
They want power at any price.
We should stop believing their excuses. They do not care about the Palestinians, they do not care about freedom or social reform, they do not care about the innocents that died alongside the politicians and political activists in Lebanon.
They care about keeping or grabbing power.
Enough of those murderers. We want philosopher kings or rather business kings for rulers. We want the likes of Mohammed Bin Rashed of Dubai.We do not want illuminated crazies like Bin Laden or Ahmadinijad or like the Likudniks in Israel.
We want peace and prosperity.
We are sick and tired of politics and violence.
We just want to live a normal life and dream of a better tomorrow.