Saturday, July 22, 2006

Donate Now and Unite!

[To understand the horror of the conflict please go to this website:]

Lebanese immigrants in the UK are getting together under one message: stop the war.
Shiites, Druzes, Armenians, Sunnis and Christians are united in the face of horror and destruction.
Meetings have been held at the embassy in London and Lebanese from all walks of life are ready to help in the humanitarian effort.
An Israeli even sent money to the account set up by the Lebanese community in Britain.

There are 500,000 refugees, more than 400 dead, 1,000 wounded and billions of dollars of losses to the economy. Lebanon needs are the world's help and you can donate to the following organizations:
The Red Cross
Relief Lebanon

It is time for the Lebanese to be one and to fight our sectarian impulses.
Hezbollah and its weapons are a question for the Lebanese to solve peacefully and democratically.
The Israeli strategy is to push the Lebanese to fight its war and finish off Hezbollah. Israel needs a new civil war in Lebanon but we will not succumb to its conspiracy.
Even if its actions are unilateral and influenced by Iran and Syria, Hezbollah is a Lebanese party with over one million supporters in our country. And a civil war is worse than a thousand Israeli invasions or air strikes.
Israel is not fighting Hezbollah, it is killing our children and terminating our nation's economic future.
National unity is essential and we have to face this tragedy united not politically but humanely.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I Left for a Smile

I left Lebanon because I have three kids. I left Lebanon because I do not want them to live through wars and civil wars and death and destruction. I left Lebanon because I do not want them to hate. I left Lebanon because I do not want them to become me. I left Lebanon because I have three kids whom I love more than country and flag.

I look at them today in London and they have a smile on their faces. Their cheeks are red and their lips are not yellow anymore. No more tears or fears.
Last night, they heard aircrafts flying overhead and they did not jump out of their beds into mine, crying and worried that they might die. And when I asked my eldest daughter who is eleven why did she fear the sound of aircrafts in Beirut and not in London, she said: "the ones in Beirut are out to kill".

Yesterday, on our way to London my wife thanked the Lord, (she believes, lucky her), and the British for getting us out safely from Lebanon and this morning she woke up and she cried and cried because she left her house, our home and she might not go back there for a long time.

In Beirut my wife, kids and I lived a dream that ended in a nightmare. And now, here in London, I am lost thinking about my family's future and that of my business and I blame, not Hezbollah or Israel, but myself for believing in Lebanon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Am Out!

I will start this note by thanking the British government and the British military for their help in getting us to London. Not only was the organization and logistics great, but the kindness, humanity and understanding shown by the British military was outstanding.

Indeed, Last night I got on the HMS Gloucester from the Beirut port, a few minutes later the Israelis started bombing again. 24 hours later, I was in London.(More on that journey tomorrow when I get over it).

And as soon as I got to my relative's house in London, I switched on the Arabiya news channel where a wounded Lebanese girl, no more than 12 years old, was being interviewed and on the bottom of the screen a news alert said that Hezbollah fighters destroyed two Israeli tanks and all I could manage was a curse.

I want to end this note by thanking Hassan Nasrallah, Iran, Syria and Israel for killing 300 Lebanese and making more than 500,000 of them refugees in their own country.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hezbollah Is Bringing the Temple Down On Our Heads

While Israeli bombs are killing Lebanese children and innocents by the hundreds, Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader, decided to "fight for the Nation of Islam, whether the Lebanese want it or not".

Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Israel are turning Lebanon into killing fields. My beautiful country is being burned by crazy ideologies. My Lebanon of joy is being eaten by human monsters. My kind Lebanon is being butchered in the name of religion.

Our enemy Israel is killing us but at least its civilians are dying and it is paying the price of its military adventure, so is Hezbollah. But the cowards of Syria and Iran are sitting and watching civilians die and smiling cunningly.

The cowards of Syria and Iran are selling their oil at unprecedented prices and are reaping the political and economic benefits while we are loosing our children and billions of dollars.

Those cowards are buying and selling our lives for their regimes' interests. The blood of Lebanese children is being traded like options, futures and shares and the Iranian and Syrian regimes are filling both their strategic and financial pockets.

And Hezbollah is not a resistance force anymore. Hezbollah, today, is going on a worthless suicide mission and taking the whole of Lebanon with it.

God help all the Lebanese, Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and Druzes, who have been cheated into death for the sake of Assad's and Khamanei's regimes.

Monday, July 17, 2006


[The Israeli airforce is hitting Kfarshima, the area where the UFO fell. Journalists are speculating that the UFO was a Hezbollah missile that was aimed at Israel but was somehow brought down at launch.]

Fifteen minutes ago "an unidentified flying object", as described by Al Manar TV, fell in flames from the sky in the area of Kfarshima, east of Beirut.
Here in our offices which are nearby, we felt the pressure but we did not hear the explosion.
The news that transpired at first and the TV images showed a plane being shot down by a missile. But the Israeli military denied it, according to local TV stations.

The Lebanese security forces cordoned the area and prevented reporters from going in. There is talk about a missing pilot, an F16, an MK observer plane and burning cars. People in the southern suburbs of Beirut celebrated, shooting in the air.

More to come...

Now New TV is saying that there were two pilots on board the falling plane or helicopter and sources in Hezbollah told Al Jazeera that they have ground to air missiles.
Sources from the Lebanese government said to a local TV station that there were no pilots nor plane.
The UFO was a small container full of leaflets, according to the Israeli military.

I guess the pro-Hezbollah celebrations on New TV, Al Manar, Al Jazeera and that of the pro-Syrian politicians was a little premature.
Instead those idiots should put an end to their rubbish slogans and show some true love for Lebanon and let the elected government of Lebanon impose its sovereignty on the whole Lebanese territory.


I am stuck in Beirut. My family is stuck in Beirut. No antibiotics, no electricity, less and less gasoline. No way out.
My nephews and nieces cry every time they hear a bomb. They are afraid to die.
The family of a colleague was stuck in Tyre next to the building of the fire brigade that Israeli planes bombed and brought down yesterday evening, killing more than 16 people.
He was going mad, crying, shouting and praying until an hour later when his son got through to him telling him that they were in the shelter and that they are alright.
Refugees from the southern suburbs of Beirut and from the South of Lebanon are seeking shelter anywhere they can in public gardens, schools and empty buildings.

Last Wednesday I was with my girlfriend at the opening of a new trendy outdoor club. Women were dancing on the bar and men were smoking their cigars to the sound of house music. I spent last night with crying children and anxious mothers to the sound
of Israeli bombs.

This is a tragedy. Innocent Lebanese are paying the price of regional conflicts once again.
Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Israel are killing us and the world is watching.