Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fatah Al Hamam / Nasrallah the Traitor

The truth is that Syria is destabilizing Lebanon, and Fatah Al Islam is its creation.
Syria opened the gates of hell...and their dogs of war, Hezbollah, are helping them.

The truth is that Hezbollah, Syria and Iran decided to kill Hariri. Syria would never take such a decision without informing their favourite commander Hassan Nasrallah.

The truth is that Walid Jumblatt and Samir Geagea and all their allies are not statesmen but worn and corrupt war criminals without visions.

The truth is that Michel Aoun is a megalomaniac who is ready to burn Lebanon for his presidential obessions.

The truth is that Saad Hariri is a useless puppet.

And guess what, we elected those that are about to destroy our lovely country.

Fatah Al Islam or Fatah Al Hammam, they could have called it anything. This Syrian invention. They create chaos in Lebanon and they benefit. Israel benefits. The US benefits, Iran benefits but Lebanon doesn't.

But somehow we have politicians that beg to differ. But the worse of them all is Hassan Nasrallah...the bearded Hitler that turned utter defeat into victory, and I don't care what our enemy Israel says. We lost our Lebanon last summer, and we are about to finish it off this one.

Israel first, now Syria and Iran and their new toy Fatah Al Islam.

"Labayka Nasrullah, Labayka Nasrullah" and land price in Syria tripled.
"Labayka Nasrullah, Labayka Nasrullah" and Syrian GDP is growing substantially.
"Labayka Nasrullah, Labayka Nasrullah" and Syria is courting Israel for peace talks.
"Labayka Nasrullah, Labayka Nasrullah" and Lebanon is being destroyed by your barbarian ideology and your ugly face.

Nasrallah decided that Fatah Al Hammam should kill the Lebanese Army and they should find a political compromise.
Nasrallah decided to kidnap Israeli soldiers and get Israel to destroy Lebanon.
Nasrallah decided with the Syrians and the Iranians to kill Rafic Hariri.
Nasrallah is a traitor that should be prosecuted and sentenced to 30 years in jail.