Friday, August 04, 2006

Go to Heaven!

Supporters of Hezbollah in Lebanon today are confident of their victory. They have survived therefore they win. Israel killed hundreds of Lebanese and destroyed our infrastructure and still Hezbollah won. Hundred of thousands of refugees and Hezbollah supporters say that they are victorious.

If this is victory, what is defeat?

Maybe Hassan Nasrallah can explain to me what he meant when he said that if his fighters retreat it is not important because it is just a little bit of land and it is not precious enough to hold on to.

What are the Shebaa Farms then? A little bit of unpopulated land?

What are the 3 prisoners held in Israel compared to the hundreds of children that Israel killed?

Get out of Lebanon Hassan and take your ideology of death and hate with you. Take your supporters and your complexes and go to your beloved Islamic Republic of Iran.

Leave us, the people who actually believe in a country called Lebanon, alone. You are not part of us. Go live your Islamic battles somewhere else. Go to heaven and let us live in the pro-American hell in peace and prosperity like many other places in the Middle East and Asia.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sayonara The Islamic Republic of Iran

Hezbollah is not a Lebanese party. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said it several times on live TV. His nation is not even the Arab world, it is Islam.

And Nasrallah said a few days ago that he is fighting the battle of the Umma (the nation of Islam) despite Lebanon's will.

Nasrallah is the General of Khamanei. He might live in Lebanon but he considers it part of dar al-harb. Indeed Islam divides the world in two parts, Dar el-Islam, the House of Islam, and Dar al-harb, the house of War.

Lebanon is not an Islamic country and it is not ruled by Islam, therefore Khamenei's Sharia allows it to be destroyed for the greater cause of Islam. And Nasrallah dutifully obeys.

Today, Shiite refugees, mostly followers of Hezbollah, are all over Christian, Druzes and Sunni areas. Small and localized problems are happening here and there. Some of them are walking in the streets with guns, in some areas women are afraid to walk at night and houses are being robbed.

After all it is "hallal" (religiously permitted) to rob a non-Muslim for some twisted fundamentalist minds.

A reporter I know told me that a refugee girl who did not wear her veil was beaten in front of her.

People are scared that the small clashes will one day explode into a full fledged massacre, because Hezbollah is armed and the rest of the population is not.

A recipe for a new civil war.

Hezbollah has been brainwashing the poor Southerners since 1983. Today fundamentalism is the norm.

And Hezbollah was founded and is funded by Iran. The ideology, finance and arm shipments are all Iranian.

Why is Israel hitting Lebanon alone? That does not make sense. Because the moment there is a ceasefire is the moment that Hezbollah gets armed again.

The Israeli murderers want to make sure that Hezbollah is destroyed before the adventure against Iran starts. This is why the Iranians do not want Hezbollah to give up the fight, whatever the cost to Lebanon, because they know they will be next.

I think that the smiles of both Khamanei and his crazy lackey Ahmadinejad will soon be wiped out their bearded faces.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Special to Beirut Notes / Terje Roed-Larsen: Crisis could engulf Syria

Terje Roed-Larsen, the UN envoy in charge of implementation of resolution 1559, told a seasoned Arab diplomat recently that Israel has a US "green light" to hit Hezbollah and Syria, but not Iran.

According to a first hand account, Roed-Larsen added that the situation is very dangerous and could spread.

My source added that Larsen might mentioned the Syrian factor because he wanted the message to get to the Syrian leadership.

Furthermore, Roed-Larsen said that US Vice President Dick Cheney, who is not the healthiest of men, will be resigning in three months only to be replaced by Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Monsters From Israel

One more time, Israel turned life into death in the village of Qana where Christ supposedly attended a wedding and turned water into wine.
The Israelis massacred, butchered, tore the limbs of at least 51 people including 22 children.
The democratic state of Israel, the moral state of Israel is burning Lebanese children alive to the god of Zionism.

Ten years ago Israel massacred more than 100 refugees in a UN base in Qana. And Israel went unpunished.

Lebanese kids are inferior, aren't they? They do not matter to Western societies. Israel can kill as it pleases and wishes, and it is always unintentional.

Poor Israel, Poor Israelis. They after all are victims defending themselves from the Arab monster. They can kill its children, its grand children and its mothers. They are fighting for survival.

Poor Israel, Poor Israelis. They are the first line of defence for Western civilization and ethics. They can make a mistake and kill tens of children and apologize and the US quickly forgives them. That is allowed.

After all they are human and Lebanese children are Hezbollah supporters that should die for the new and democratic Middle East that George Bush has promised the world.

A Middle East of death, misery and hate. A Middle East where criminals are celebrated and victims are swiped under the carpet of international justice.

That is the brave new world that Bush, his neo-con intellectuals and their Israeli instigators promised us.