Saturday, June 20, 2009

They Are the Past and You Are Iran

Thank you Iran, thank you for giving hope to every freedom loving person in the Middle East. My heart grows when I see this nation rise up to its great past, its intelligence, its beauty and its dynamism.
Thank you Iran for confronting the idiotic tyranny of ideologues, liars, murderers and frauds.
You make me proud, you give me hope.
I want to be with you in these rallies. These are the best of times where everything seems possible, where you feel you can change the world.
You stood up! You confronted! What courage!
I hear your cries, your yearning for liberty and it is the sweetest sound, the saddest cry.
I lived it in Lebanon and it turned me into a free being and everything after that was possible.
I hope you succeed to bring down this ugly and sick leadership out of Orwell's Animal Farm. These social swine viruses.
If you don't, if they kill you, you will still have won. They are the past and you are Iran.