Monday, August 14, 2006

The New Saladin

Hassan Nasrallah's speech tonight was clear: Nobody will disarm Hezbollah and I am imposing my will to power on Lebanon.
Ah! and of course he claims that Hezbollah won the war. But that is classic and discounted populist spin.

He also said that Hezbollah will compensate everyone whose house was destroyed. That will make him a semi-god (he was prior to that a saint, whose name you could not pronounce in vain) among the majority of Shiites in Lebanon.

He also said that it was his people who suffered most while others were comfortable in their offices theorizing.

Thank you Israel for transforming this ignoramus ideologue, whose philosophy of life and death comes from 1400 year old book and who is educating his people accordingly, into a victorious and arrogant ignoramus ideologue.

Thanks to Israel, Lebanon has its mini Khomeini and the Islamic Republic of Lebanon is around the corner.

Now Israel is depending on the Lebanese government to finish the job, but I hope that Lebanon will not oblige and I hope that Israel will end up with an Islamic republic on its border that will make its life hell for a long time.

Unless they are fond of religious wars, I call on my Israeli enemies to join me in London because a new Saladin is rising at their doors and his name is Nasrallah.

The Herald of Civil War

Another pro Iranian and pro Syrian newspaper was published today, Al Akhbar (the news), its owner, the arrogant mercenary Ibrahim Al Amin wrote that Hezbollah will not give up its weapons and he went on to accuse Lebanese politicians of implementing the will of the United States and Israel.

The paper also interviewed (the I hate Hariri because he is not backing my Presidential candidacy) General Michel Aoun who accused the Hariri camp and their allies of coordinating with the US and therefore having prior knowledge of the Israeli attack.

In any other country such accusations of betrayal spun by Iranian and Syrian funded papers such as Ad Diyar and Al Akhbar should lead to investigations or libel trials.

In Lebanon it usually leads to civil strife.