Monday, August 28, 2006

The Heroes

The Lebanese are heroes. The ones who fought Israel in the South and defeated its once mighty army, the ones who rescued the wounded, the ones who took in the refugees and helped them, the ones who never stopped working during the war and the ones who prayed.
The Lebanese are heroes and not cowards killing women and children with "smart" bombs and laser guided missiles from US made jet fighters.
The Lebanese are heroes and not monsters who commit massacres in the name of Zionism.

Whatever Hezbollah did, (Nasrallah admitted yesterday that he would not have kidnapped the soldiers if he knew what Israel intended to do), and whether it did it for Iran or Syria, is irrelevant.

It is Israel that killed my fellow citizens, destroyed our infrastructure and our economy. It is Israel's army that was defeated in the fields of our South. The resistance was heroic, Israel was pathetic in its crimes and the world witnessed in real time how immoral a state and a people it is.

Israel's hate was poured onto Lebanon and part of it was destroyed. But we will rise, like we always do, stronger and more united.

[I went back to Lebanon last week for a few days, thinking that it would be easy to close shop and move to London. I was heartbroken. My country is beautiful, my people are warm and caring , our fruits and our vegetables are the freshest and life there is easy.

"Should I give up on our new life and my great new job in London, take my family back to Beirut and live day to day there?", this is a question I have been asking myself everyday since I came back.

A prominent Lebanese banker I met during my short Beirut stay, answered my question when he said:"Ambitious people go make their money outside and come retire in Lebanon." I wish somebody could have told me this earlier.]