Friday, July 21, 2006

I Left for a Smile

I left Lebanon because I have three kids. I left Lebanon because I do not want them to live through wars and civil wars and death and destruction. I left Lebanon because I do not want them to hate. I left Lebanon because I do not want them to become me. I left Lebanon because I have three kids whom I love more than country and flag.

I look at them today in London and they have a smile on their faces. Their cheeks are red and their lips are not yellow anymore. No more tears or fears.
Last night, they heard aircrafts flying overhead and they did not jump out of their beds into mine, crying and worried that they might die. And when I asked my eldest daughter who is eleven why did she fear the sound of aircrafts in Beirut and not in London, she said: "the ones in Beirut are out to kill".

Yesterday, on our way to London my wife thanked the Lord, (she believes, lucky her), and the British for getting us out safely from Lebanon and this morning she woke up and she cried and cried because she left her house, our home and she might not go back there for a long time.

In Beirut my wife, kids and I lived a dream that ended in a nightmare. And now, here in London, I am lost thinking about my family's future and that of my business and I blame, not Hezbollah or Israel, but myself for believing in Lebanon.


Anonymous Don Cox said...

Short interview with an Israeli bomber pilot here.

21 July, 2006 17:50  
Blogger Ilan said...

Hope you'll be safe there, although the world seems less safe each day passing.
Hope you'll be able to come back, and all this will become a distant memory.
For you, your family, Lebanon and Israel.

No War Button

21 July, 2006 18:19  
Anonymous Gazilion said...

You did the right thing. Don't feel like having to justify yourself.

Be well!

21 July, 2006 18:28  
Anonymous jasmine said...

I'm realy happy that you and your family are safe.
it hurts to read about the home and lost dreams, and the un known future and espesialy the dissapointment from your country.
i am an israeli women and mother. most of my family was murder in the hollocost. when i see the nomber on my mom's hand, i know that my only chance to be is to protect my country/place. cuase i don't trust any other country.
israel react hezbollah who bombed us from your country. they are bombing now too. we are here, under the bombs with our pale children. believe me, no one is happy aboute the huge desuster in lenanone here. it's sad for all of us. we got losts too. we don't separate between humans. it hearts about every innocent humen who get hurts.
we got a lot of arabies friends and we live togather peacfully with a greate respact and love.
we are sitting in the shelters togather... we eat togather... our children are playing togather right now.
there are plenty like us in israel. the fundementalists are minotity in both sides... but they got a heavy voice. we can't work, we can't sleep, we are very warried about the future like you.
i wish that the majority that want just to live peacfully and rull it's life will increase.
take care
jasmine - israel.

21 July, 2006 19:13  
Anonymous one of the authors of libnanews said...


more then 355 civilians dead in lebanon
35 in israel

in south lebanon they dont ve shelters

i m french by my mother side, i m christian lebanese ase well by my dad i was evacuated with the first french, i took back my niece (nearly 3 years old )and nephew (4 years old) there as well as 2 others kids i even didnt know before.

one kid abord the airplane from larnaca told me she saw one guy that YOUR bombs cutted in 2

i saw my dad in 1982 covered by his own blood but at that time the bomb was syrian , i was as well evacuated in 1982 i can just tell that childrens never forget theses souvenirs and never forgive as adults.

we all need, u on your side, me on my side to testify against the horror of the war to make the violence cercle to be ended and reach one day a peace, this peace i believed in when i saw rabin and arafat shaking their hands in the front of the white house

21 July, 2006 19:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


My english no is very good... i'm mexican and i live in mexico, i can watch in the tv the war... i think its bad but the people should think more in the tell...

that God blesses them

21 July, 2006 21:17  
Blogger Free Lebanon ! said...

Its time to make it STOP !!

21 July, 2006 21:18  
Blogger Peace for Lebanon and Israel Now said...

The pain, the anguish, the dead, on both sides, the destruction of two beautiful countries is break hearting for me. Innocent people on both sides – the Lebanese and the Israeli have suffered greatly in the past week. And all of this, why? Because a terrorist organization – Hezbollah, and its war seeking leader – Nasrallah, decided to break off the peace in the area on the back of the Lebanese people.

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, and as such it operates against civilians – both Israelis and Lebanese. It operates against civilians in Israel by targeting its missiles to Israeli towns, such as Haifa (in which, by the way, both Arabs and Jews live in harmony side by side). And Hezbollah is a terrorist organization because it offends innocent Lebanese civilians, by locating its arms, missiles and rockets within civilian areas. It fires its rockets from people’s back yards, and can care less about the innocent Lebanese people who live around.

When there is a war between two countries, usually their armies fight against each other, and the civilians are relatively protected. Armies have military bases that are intentionally located in areas that are remote from civilians. But here Nasrallah decided to locate his arms and fire from within civil Lebanese towns, knowing that when Israel will attack it will cause havoc.

Nasrallah is not stupid, and he can actually speak to the public quite nicely (Hitler, by the way, was a good orator too). Nasrallah knew exactly what he was doing when he abducted soldiers from within Israel’s territory. He knew that Israel would respond fiercely. He invited Israel to a war, to which he was preparing in last 6 years.

Nasrallah conducts a war against Israel in the name of Syria and Iran, and on the expense of the Lebanese people. My question is: why doesn’t Nasrallah operate from within Syria? If the Syrians are the ones that arm Hezbollah and empower it, let them suffer the war Hezbollah initiated.

Nasrallah shames the Muslim world: He acts as a fanatic who seeks war and destruction, and who has no respect to the people he lives within, to the women and children who live nearby his bases of rockets and missiles. You see, his problem is that I have Muslim friends, and let me tell you that: they are rational, intelligent, and peace-seeking people. But people like Nasrallah make the entire western world be wary of Muslims and Arabs. Enough! Let the world know that Islam does not equate with fanaticism!

Do something! Free Lebanon from this radical, crazy militant. Be a free country so you can choose your own wars. And I believe that you will choose peace! What can you do during these crazy days:

***Demonstrate against Hezbollah. Demand that the Lebanese government will intervene as much as it can to disarm this guerilla group. Be brave! The Lebanese people have to let Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran know that they are not willing to tolerate the use of Lebanon’s ground as a playground for war. The moment Hezballah is disarmed Israel will stop its attacks and will leave Lebanon.

***Fight Hezbolla! Just to remind you – The army of South Lebanon used to work hand in hand with the Israeli army to defeat Hezbollah. This was ongoing until six years ago, when Israel believed it can trust peace and got out of Lebanon. We need to work together again to disarm Hezbollah. This is the only way to achieve ongoing peace and quiet for Lebanon and Israel.

Israel is not fighting against Lebanon or the Lebanese people. It is fighting against a terrorist, guerrilla organization that built its own army within a free, democratic and advanced country. How can you allow this to go on? What country would allow a small group of people to dictate it’s entire policy? Act now!

21 July, 2006 21:54  
Anonymous jasmine said...

" How can you allow this to go on? What country would allow a small group of people to dictate it’s entire policy? Act now!"

i am an israeli and i can understand the lebanonies. they don't fight just with hezbollah, they need to fight with iram and syria... and u know... those people are heartless. they don't care nothing but their gole. nasrallah lost his sun and he said that it's not matter... he kulled 2 little boys in nazareth and he said that they are shahids now... it's not just guts. lebanon has not got the military power to resist hezbollah. they will kill them all with not pitty. they need help as soon as posible. as u said... syria is playing on lebanone ground. they don't want the "mess" in their own yard. the people of lebanone are victims. israel is fighting in order not to be a victim. but the price is high for both sides. if hezbollah were really brave, they would'nt open this battle in citizen's areas they r cowerds and heartless.

21 July, 2006 23:25  
Blogger Luis Lima Sanchinelli said...

Hi... I write you since Guatemala, I speak a little english, but I hope you will be well in Libano. No more

21 July, 2006 23:33  
Anonymous David said...

I hope all agression will end soon. It will only end once Hezbullah will stop acting as an independant army within the sovreign state of Lebanon.
Peace for Israel and Lebanon.
Peace to all my Lebanese brothers.
Drom David, currently a refugee, from a bombarded village in Northern Israel.

21 July, 2006 23:52  
Blogger sub Rosa said...

I know it's not easy to live in Lubnan, and I'm sorry - but shame on you. You left your beautiful country to the savages (Hizb) so you could have a comfortable life? where's your pride? I could understand if you said you were leaving only for a while, but it seems you don't plan to go back. it seems you've lost faith in Lebanon. That saddens me deeply. yet I'm glad you and your family are alright.

22 July, 2006 00:03  
Blogger Cosmic Siren said...

You are an eloquent writer and I appreciate you sharing your experiences with the world, even knowing that there will always be those won't understand.

Does this blog have an Atom or RSS feed? I would like to subscribe to it, if it does.

22 July, 2006 00:35  
Blogger IsraeliDiary said...

I am glad that you and your family are safe. I thank the British forces for taking initiative and rescuing civilians from the ongoing war in Lebanon.

I myself am from Israel. It is truly sad for all of us to hear about civilian deaths. We're all human beings after all and there is nothing more horrifying than death of innocent people.

I do hope and believe that Israel is doing its best to minimize the number of civilian casualties and if there had been a way to fight hezbollah efficiently without hurting civilians, that's what Israel would have done.

If only Hezbollah didn't hide behind civilians...

I hope that this war will end as soon as possible, that no Lebanese or Israeli civilians will further get hurt in the attacks and that Hezbollah will be dismantled.

You know... if the Lebanese people would revolt against Hezbollah and fight them, Israel would cease its fire and instead would aid the Lebanese in their efforts to bring Hezbollah down - that could be an excellent cooperation!

22 July, 2006 00:59  
Anonymous Eoghan said...

the Jewish town underwent the atrocities of the Nazis and everybody I condemn those actions but now they are the executors… perfected the techniques of collective slaughter of the Nazis

22 July, 2006 02:10  
Blogger Haustat1 said...

Israel continued its relentless atrocity campaign against Lebanon and Palestine today. The Zionist state murdered more than 300 Arab civilians and demolished much of the infrastructure in various towns and cities. Only one thing seems louder than the sound of US-made jets and tanks that are unleashing genocide on Arabs: the deafening silence that has blanketed Arab capitals.

The US has voiced full support for Israel’s aggression and has given Israel the green light to continue its massacres in Lebanon and Palestine. This support was confirmed when America blocked recent efforts at the Security Council to push for a cease fire and bring an end to Israeli war crimes. In addition, the New York Times and others have recently reported that the US has given Israel the green light to continue its mass slaughter of Lebanese and Palestinians. And the Zionist US Congress has voted overwhelming to endorse Israel’s aggression against the Arab World.

Rather than voice great outrage against America for endorsing Israel’s genocidal assault in the Middle East, the reaction across Arab capitals has been painfully muted. The meaning and implications of such silence deserves further discussion.


Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora has appropriately condemned Israel’s barbaric atrocity campaign against his country and people. However, he has said virtually nothing about America’s role in helping to prolong Lebanon’s suffering. Although his government has no official diplomatic relations with Israel, it has maintained a cozy relationship with the current war criminal administration in Washington. It seems irrational and inconceivable for Lebanon, a country whose people are being exterminated left and right and whose infrastructure is being destroyed, to have open diplomatic relations with another government that is openly advocating its destruction and supporting its enemy. By maintaining communication with America, the pro-US government of Siniora appears to be in bed with the enemy.

The current silence vis-à-vis America of Fouad Siniora and others in Beirut - including the pro-US, anti-Syrian voices at the Daily Star of Lebanon – exposes an egregious level of hypocrisy. Over one year ago, this anti-Syrian contingent sang America’s tune loudly by heaping scorn and unprecedented condemnation against Syria before the entire world. Their vociferous display of mean-spiritedness and hostility against the Syrian people was fully coordinated with a demagogic, barbaric and tyrannical US administration that has been destroying Iraq and spilling the blood of tens of thousands of its people. The behavior of the anti-Syrian camp, in retrospect, is disgusting for its streak of blatant opportunism. One needs to ask the anti-Syrian camp several questions. As you helplessly sit back and watch the despicable horror and terror that the criminal state of Israel and its US ally unleash on you, what has Syria ever done by comparison to Lebanon? Why aren’t you displaying even a fraction of the intense anger and rage against America that you’ve proven so capable of displaying toward Syria?

The pro-US, anti-Syrian camp, per America’s calling, apparently decided to convict Syria of a killing for which Syrian involvement has never - even to this day - been proven. The pro-US, anti-Syrian camp in Lebanon decided to seize the ship of opportunism that America fielded its way and, in the process, chose to demolish the consensus of the Al Ta’if Accord intended to end the decades-old Lebanese Civil War. The daily flag-waving protesters who dumped a barrage of anti-Syrian taunts while sailing Washington’s ship of opportunism were more eager to challenge pro-Syrian groups with counter-demonstrations than consider the implications of their actions on Lebanon’s future. They chose to entirely play the amnesia game and forget that Syria was invited into Lebanon by a Christian-dominated Lebanese government and ultimately remained there on the basis of Lebanese consensus for the sake of peace.

Even while Israel was just beginning its atrocity campaign in Gaza several weeks ago, Washington’s anti-Syrian allies in Beirut continued to show that Israel is not alone in its desire to oppress and finish off its Palestinian population. As Israel’s murderous arm descended on Gaza, the Lebanese government continued debating ways to intensify the appalling oppression, misery and marginalization of its own Palestinian community. Such debates have only served to heighten the vulnerability of Lebanon’s Palestinians to the savage, barbaric anti-Muslim forces that exacted unforgivable atrocities on Palestinians in the past. The anti-Syrian camp has even refused to allow a true memorial to be erected in Lebanon for the victims of Sabra and Shatila. As such, they have demonstrated a complete inability and/or unwillingness to look within themselves regarding past and present mistakes. By failing to look within - and by choosing to perpetually scapegoat others for Lebanon’s problems – it is difficult to envision how Lebanon can ever truly be whole. The anti-Syrian camp continues to viciously demonize Palestinians, Syrians, Iran, etc. -- anyone except the United States. Sadly, while the anti-Syrian contingent remains mum, the war criminal US administration and the Zionist US media continue to cheer, gloat and celebrate as Israel relentlessly drops bombs all across Lebanon and mercilessly massacres her people.

Nobody should ask the Lebanese people to suffer for others. That is both wrong and it is unfair. But it is also wrong and unfair for Lebanese to jump on a ship of opportunism built on lies and false accusations and belonging to an enemy that is bent on destroying and slaughtering the Arab people. And it is shameful and painful to watch Lebanon debate ways to make the lives of Palestinians in Lebanon even more unbearable and miserable than ever before while Israel wreaks genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

Lebanon should not have diplomatic relations with any country that is destroying Lebanon’s Arab neighbors and simultaneously helping Israel annihilate Lebanon. Period.

Elsewhere in the Middle East:

The silence of Arab leaders in capitals such as Riyadh, Amman, Cairo, and the US-occupied Green Zone in Baghdad should come as no surprise to anyone. These capitals appear to represent a fifth column for America’s Zionist-Crusader efforts to exterminate the Arab and Muslim peoples. The leaders in these capitals have uttered virtually no criticism whatsoever against America’s own barbaric actions and its support for Israel’s atrocities. One can envisage several actions that could have be taken to send a clear, decisive and unequivocal message of outrage to America regarding her abhorrent crimes. Such actions might have included cutting off diplomatic relations with America and halting trade and economic relations, including oil sales. Instead, Arab leaders as usual have chosen the option of silence, offering Israel and America a virtual green light to continue slaughtering Arabs with impunity.

The self-proclaimed leader of the world’s Shi’a Muslims in Najaf is also noticeably quit these days. As Israel annihilates the Shi’a population of southern Lebanon, Iranian-born Ayatollah Ali Sistani is nowhere to be found. Isn’t he supposed to be representing these people and speaking out about their suffering? Why is Sistani remaining silent about the joint US-Israeli annihilation campaign against the Shi’a Muslims in southern Lebanon and about the barbaric US invader-occupiers who are committing mass atrocities in Iraq?

The silence that permeates Arab capitals as Israel continues its aggression in Lebanon is both painful and deafening. Over the long term, such silence will contribute more to the ongoing suffering of Arabs than the gargantuan terror of US-Israeli bombs and missiles. Such silence will also undoubtedly have devastating repercussions for Lebanon’s future.

22 July, 2006 02:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he state of lebanon has just become a terror state. It was announced we will fight along side Hizbullah. Good bye our beloved Cedar Revolution. One day in the distant future, we'll look at March 05 through June 06 as the good ol' days. What a sad, sad and embarrassing day.

22 July, 2006 02:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck to you and your familly, i am an israeli woman who isplanning to leav her country as well.
a flag is not a reason to give life away.
greatings my freind!

22 July, 2006 04:16  
Anonymous Anat said...

There's a good chance that your children will not forgive you for sacrificing their future as Lebanese for a temporary smile. Just write this down and open in ten years times.

22 July, 2006 07:08  
Blogger ramansour said...

To Haustat1,

I think I can answer your question as to why most Lebanese consider Syria their number one enemy and also why they don't have fond feelings toward the Palestinians.

Here's a nice pictorial history of the Lebanese involvement with "brotherly Syria" and our dear Palestinian friends:

And here's another chronicle of what our Syrian and Palestinian friends did while "vacationing" for on their little Lebanese holiday:

Don't evem

22 July, 2006 09:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more Israeli pleased you and yours are safe.
Hope for your speedy return to the "neighbourhood" under better circumstances. Despite the short-term price neither you nor we can afford to loose hope for a better future for all our kids.

22 July, 2006 10:54  
Anonymous a mountaineer said...

an albanian
i live a little distant in a country where muslims are persecuted though a majority. 72% or maybe 80%. however, one thing i don't understand, will those izraeli's explain how manny of their arab neigbours have voted last elections, and for whoom? and is it right that for the sake of letting american leaded army enter lebanon after having sent of peacefully a syrian peace force, is a good reason to exterminate a population? is it wrong to be muslim and live in peace wherever in etiopia, palestine, afganistan, albania or the states? why haven't u the guts to take a white flag and sit down in front of us made tanks and ask for a right to vote to the muslims wherever, in palestine, izrael, egypt, saudi arabia, somalia, and raise ur voice for respecting the gobvernments come out of these elections. the means of democracy are the elections? have u ever asked why should others decide for muslims and non muslims in certain zones?

22 July, 2006 14:46  
Blogger Michele said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and all the children on both sides of conflict and beyond.

They are in a world where they see hate, anger, destruction and some feel the effects of it even in their sleep. Their sweetness, innocence and purity lost all that remains is for all that is negative to be past on to the next generation.

As a westerner it sometimes is hard to grapple with the ancient history that leads to the conflicts in the middle east. Our values, thinking (all of which are solely within our own cultural constructs) do not enable us to explain to our own children why this new war is happening. Explaining recent events to them, does not give them the entire geo-political context of this war. There will never be enough explanations to fully restore the innocence of those that did not leave or could not get out. All we can do for them is pray. Yes, in my belief system their is hope that the world can somehow prevail on both sides to prevent ancient old hatreds from further boiling over and creating even more destruction.

As a child who grew up watching the daily Vietnam dispatches, of murders and assassinations on tv, and later lived in South America under Pinochet's rule, I breath a sigh of relief knowing the love of your children helped you to leave.

Loving my own city as I do, I know it must have been a hard decision for you. I hope and pray all goes well for you and your family, and that your wife and you can also find smiles in your own heart soon. I pray that somehow this nightmare will end for all middle-eastern civilians soon and somehow a more permanent peace can be established.

In essence, I pray for a miracle to happen soon!

22 July, 2006 16:26  
Anonymous JASMINE said...

eoghan. you said: "the Jewish town underwent the atrocities of the Nazis and everybody I condemn those actions but now they are the executors… perfected the techniques of collective slaughter of the Nazis "

if you compare israel to the nazis and their tecniques to kill it just show your ignorance.
1. the jews in europ never attack, bomb or used violence against any one in europ. in fact, they contributed a lot in all espects: science, medicine, culture, economy and they joined even to the army in all countries they were living.
2. the "crime" of the jews in europ was their religion and ethnic race - shemic (like the arabs).
3. the nazis techniqes were :
- they put jews in gethos, shaved their heads and beards, stole all their homes and property, made them to wear pijamas with yello tags "jew", they did'nt let them to earn money - they sturve them, they took the males into a slaves camps and the female too, the weak old people and the children they killed right a way by gaz or they burned them a live...they did it to the slaves at camps after they got sick or weak too,
they did executions by shuting all the time, they made experiences on people and children and made sopes from people (yes...).
they burned on their hands a nombers (like a cows), they wraped women, they murdered 6,000,000 jews!!!!!!

the refugees that left built their country 57 years ago in israel, after they got the premission from the un. palestine was not a sovereign country. palestine was occupied by the british then. jews and palestines were living there before.
from that day - of the un declaration - the arabs start to attack the jews in israel. and the israeli's responed and the 1948 war started. from then - we are fighting for our living and the palestines too.
both sides did a lot of mistakes under the circumstances of war and battle. IT'S NOT A RACISM OR RELIGIOS WAR! IT'S A MATTER OF LIVING!
israel occupied lands from egypt, syria because they sat on estrategic places and they did'nt stop to attack citizens from there. during the war 1948 and 1967 the palestinians refugees ascaped from their lands (not because they acted for peace living, because they attacked israel and they sat in gazza, jeriho and even tried to go to jordan. but guess what. hassan killed them all. he did'nt want them in his land. (black september).
meny israeli's wanted to return those occupied lands during the years. we returned the lands of egypt when saadat and begin sighned the camp david peace agree. we made the same agree with jordan and we got economy cooperation untill today with the jordans. we tried meny times to sighn on agreements to give back occupied lends to the palastinians in order to get peace with arrafat but the palastinans (after they sake hands with us) proceed to kill and to bomb and did'nt respect the agreements. because the hamas and the hezbollah did'nt agree and they are acting indepenent against arrafat and abu-mazen. they choose to be a terrorists and to destroy israel.
should we let them destroy us?
where will we go? to europ again?
who stoped the holocost and when?
we got an history rights in israel. it was our country for dozens. we don't have any choises but to protect ourselves.
yes, we developed a strong army. we don't have any choise. arabic are sitting with us. they got rights to vote, they are sitting in our goverment (without serving in army), they got social condisions, they work, learn, build villas, everything like us.
if the palastinians in gazza and other places would respect the agreements, they were living now in peace and wellfare.
but they choose to give terrorist group the power... and they use them. they live in fear from them. they take their money for them selves not to build a healthy life for their children. and those terrorists are living among civilians in lebanone, gazza, every where. cause they are cowerds. cause they don't give a damm about their people. nor children and weman.
so how can israel strike them without innocence people won't heart?
ofcourse us want to strike those terrorists. did you forgot the twin buildings? what 3000 innocent people did to them? the religios war is from those arab terrorists side if you mentioned that. israel want to live a peacfull life and ready to give up a lot for this sacred cose.

22 July, 2006 16:43  
Blogger NoWhereMan said...

Congratulations. You made the right choice.

It is truly a loss for Lebanon that good people like you are leaving. Hezbollah can continue to use innocent civilians as shields and I am sure the propaganda will increase. A decent stable society requires a base of peaceful citizens willing to make the choice you have made. The small group of extremists will continue to wreak havoc and garner attention. It may take a while before the government realizes they need the peace loving families who do not want to teach the children to hate others. By raising your children right, this next generation with smiles may become the foundation required to establish peace in the region.

When Lebanon recognizes that citizens like you provide the backbone for a productive society, they may invite you back. It is the governments job to provide an environment where families like yours can thrive. In such a peaceful environment, everyone benefits.

22 July, 2006 20:27  
Anonymous Rick said...

London is stable and safe because of Britain's history and a society that worked out its problems and its violence..............let's hope it stays that way even as it changes so much.

22 July, 2006 20:28  
Blogger Philip I said...

New Post:

And on the 12th day of bombing..

22 July, 2006 21:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"London is stable and safe because of Britain's history and a society that worked out its problems and its violence..............let's hope it stays that way even as it changes so much."
yea right! we saw how margaret tacher deal with focland... and with irland... london is stable because she was'nt so patient to terrorists and "enemies"... and it was'nt a matter of living. it was just for a big eyes.

23 July, 2006 00:52  
Anonymous Rick said...

I was thinking more of Wat Tyler, The Civil War, The Chartists, the Miners' Strikes............and the fact that different values have entered the society with Muslim immigration such as burning books and threatening to murder people and then doing so..................these were not values that made our aociety stable.

As for Northern Ireland it was handled with kid gloves and certainly much less ruthlessly than in Malaya or Kenya where terrorism was a problem.

The Falklands were a direct result of incompetence by the Thatcher Government trying to save £300.000 pa and ended up spending £800 million on lost ships not to mention dead soldiers.

Britain should be a lot more ruthless overall and deal with those that do not uphold its values - Lebanon is welcome to its passport-holder Omar Bakri

23 July, 2006 11:40  
Anonymous peacelover said...

Wow! Where to begin when there are so many heartbreaking blogs here. I think Michelle put it best. I think the safety of your children and family should come before anything else. And I think if you teach them peace, they will go back and rebuild a peaceful nation. That being said I also agree with another blogger who said the US is hypocritical. Not all of us feel that way you know. I live in the US and was appalled at Condoleza Rice's remarks today. I don't believe we can send aid to Lebanon while send more ammunitions to Israel. You can't do both and I have never liked this particular administration. There were millions of us here to protested going to Iraq because we knew it would end up this way. WE DIDN'T WANT IT TO BE THIS WAY. We don't hate Arabs or Muslims or anyone else from a different culture and religion. There are a lot that do, but there are many more of us that only want peace and happiness for you and your families. It's frustrating for us because we can't understand your politics and I won't sit here and lecture you and pretend to know how to fix it. I don't know anything in the grand scheme of it. But I do know that I hate that you think we hate you. Not true. I, and many others, only wish the best for you. I wish I had a helpful suggestion I could make without sounding preachy. But the absolute truth is I don't. Only the civil war here in America was what finally won us our independence from Britain and look at our two countries now. If I could pray hard enough, cry long enough, or scream loud enough to help any of you, I would. Believe me. This world is so full of hate and violence it saddens me everyday. I don't know if I'll ever see a planet earth that is built on peace and love but I hope so. Human beings will be the destruction of this entire planet if somehow, some way, things don't change and SOON! And yes, because we're not used to terrorism here, the world trade center was a horrifying day that we'll never forget. America cried for months and months afterwards. Everyone I knew, including myself, walked around in a daze for at least a year. But I think it's because we realized our easy lives here in America were probably unraveling at that moment. We became a small part of what the rest of the world sees on a daily basis. Reality. We are spoiled here, we take things for granted all the time, and we probably don't deserve everything we have. But I'm greatful everyday for living in a country where the people step up to the plate each and every day to help each other and yes, other countries as well. Not talking about my government now. You saw what happened after our hurricane Katrina. It was the PEOPLE who came to the rescue. Total strangers drove across the country to help while people were stranded on their roofs screaming for help. Thousands of people opened up their homes to total strangers. We are the lucky ones and I hope someday all of you are back safe in your homes and you will also say, you're the lucky ones. Many blessings and hopes for a peaceful future for you and yours.
A caring American

25 July, 2006 08:05  
Blogger Alessandra said...

i am so relieved that you got out of Lebanon safely. it's really nice to read about how your lives are much better now that you're out of that war-torn country. im glad your kids are not having a hard time adapting to their new environment. i hope more countries can open up their doors for war victims. there is so much land in this earth for everyone. i recently had a very interesting chat with an online friend from wealthymen*dot*com and he too was deeply concerned with the ongoing conflict in Lebanon. He's already donated much and he's seriously considering sponsoring a family to come and live with him.

26 July, 2006 14:51  
Blogger Yishay said...

We live in London. Call me if you need any kind of help, advice or support. I would be very keen to meet you and hear about your experiences from first hand. I hope you can revive your dream soon, and that our dreams will intertwine.

Yishay, yishaym at gmail

26 July, 2006 18:12  
Blogger mcreider said...

Dear Zadigvoltaire!
It's good to know that you and your family are in a safe place. Don't blame Lebanon for believeing in it, it was just a phase of your life.
And, forgive my my professional cynisism, this post and the previous one - I am out - are brilliantly writ! So may be - may be - you will make a better career than that of a janitor.

09 August, 2006 19:11  

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