Monday, July 17, 2006


[The Israeli airforce is hitting Kfarshima, the area where the UFO fell. Journalists are speculating that the UFO was a Hezbollah missile that was aimed at Israel but was somehow brought down at launch.]

Fifteen minutes ago "an unidentified flying object", as described by Al Manar TV, fell in flames from the sky in the area of Kfarshima, east of Beirut.
Here in our offices which are nearby, we felt the pressure but we did not hear the explosion.
The news that transpired at first and the TV images showed a plane being shot down by a missile. But the Israeli military denied it, according to local TV stations.

The Lebanese security forces cordoned the area and prevented reporters from going in. There is talk about a missing pilot, an F16, an MK observer plane and burning cars. People in the southern suburbs of Beirut celebrated, shooting in the air.

More to come...

Now New TV is saying that there were two pilots on board the falling plane or helicopter and sources in Hezbollah told Al Jazeera that they have ground to air missiles.
Sources from the Lebanese government said to a local TV station that there were no pilots nor plane.
The UFO was a small container full of leaflets, according to the Israeli military.

I guess the pro-Hezbollah celebrations on New TV, Al Manar, Al Jazeera and that of the pro-Syrian politicians was a little premature.
Instead those idiots should put an end to their rubbish slogans and show some true love for Lebanon and let the elected government of Lebanon impose its sovereignty on the whole Lebanese territory.


Blogger carine said...

my office is further but we're still suprised we didn't see or hear anything -- coworkers were calling in from the mountains assuming we had.

of course, all that damned smoke hanging over the country doesn't help-- can't see much of anything anymore!

17 July, 2006 15:45  
Anonymous civax said...

Israeli Air force says all it's aircraft reported ok and claims the fallen object might have been a pamphlets box failed to open in the air.

17 July, 2006 16:07  
Anonymous Matthew Bennett said...

I'm following this from Spain and these lebanon blogs are very interesting.

(Some) international politicians would like this madness to stop today, Israel seems bent on continuing for the forseeable future and the Lebanese and Hezbollah also.

Apart from wanting it to stop as soon as possible, do you have any thoughts on how long that will realistically take?

¡Saludos y suerte!

17 July, 2006 16:30  
Blogger Sir Sefirot said...

From Spain too!

I'm no army strategist, but don't expect this to finish before a week or two more, what Israel is doing right now is not attacking but PREPARING to attack. All the bombings till the date were not directed to kill Hizbullah but to prepare the grounds to do it. So, I would say, two weeks more. This, if no more countries get involved, as I think they will. This could become much more interesting in a few days.

Do not pray for peace, but for victory. Israel victory. Go Warriors of David!

17 July, 2006 16:56  
Anonymous jatfla said...

I would suspect that Israel is in direct communication with the Lebanese this very minute and I think most of the world would be very happy for the government of Lebanon to impose *it's* sovereignty over Lebanon.

I had heard that the intention of Israel was to push back Hezbollah to the point where their rockets and missiles could no longer reach Israel's cities. And I understood that the "slogans" were Israel's attempt to tell the people to leave so they would not be killed or injured in the assaults against the terrorists.

17 July, 2006 18:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way you described, it was a long range iranian-made missile that was either shut down right after launch, or malfunctioned during flight. This is the good part... The bad part, it's possible that launcher was located in residential neighborhood.

17 July, 2006 21:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

israeli tv showed a clip recorded from one of the bombers ... israeli bomb hits hezbollah rocket launcher near beirut and a long range iranian rocket spins into the air ... they say this was this UFO which was originally thought to be a downed israeli plane ...

they also say double attempt to kill two hezbollah leaders .. in one of them a rocket fired from a warship into the window of a building in beirut

17 July, 2006 21:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they say it was a freak accident ... the bomb fell close to the launcher ... hezbollah did nt attempt to shoot the rocket ... they are preparing launchers to get them closer to the south

17 July, 2006 21:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

basicly the idea is simple .. they say hezbollah is going on their long range iranian missiles ... this is one of the their last cards they have nt used yet ... israeli citizens are warned to be ready ....

17 July, 2006 21:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is what I am getting as a consensus: Freak accident (or lucky hit) caused an Iranian missile to launch prematurely and crash. Hezzy supporters celebrated the loss of their own missile without knowing it.

Good to see the Israelis shooting straight for once. I don't like the reports of Chrisian arab grandmothers getting wounded in their apartments.

18 July, 2006 01:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

more news ... if u r interested to hear the news from israel ( i am israeli ) ...

olmert in knesset today ... the message is very simple ... he said i am paying for mistakes of barak and sharon with their policies of self restraint .. there is a sort of misunderstanding among hamas and hezbollah of what the real israeli responce can be ... very little can be done about this , he said , except by driving the message very strongly thru lebanon ...

lebanon ... he says .. demilitiarization of hezbollah ... lebanon army takes positions on the south ... hostages are returned without condition ...all fire stops ...

israeli analysts say olmerts message is to the international comminity ... he does nt see sanyora as a real leader .. he just says to the US and to the saudies - u want lebanons infrastructure safe , then come and disarm nasrallah ...

a particular message is to the saudies .. olmert says - i know how much u invested into lebanons reconstruction ... u dont want all those years go up in flames then get involved and restrain these hezbollah lunatics..

18 July, 2006 03:00  
Blogger bodhisattva said...


we're holding a PRO PEACE rally in Toronto tomorrow (Across Eaton Center on Younge and Dundas at 7pm, 18th) to advocate peace, accountibility and an end to the violence. It would be great if you would link our effor to your Blog,

khalo l sawt ywadeh :)



18 July, 2006 03:34  
Anonymous jatfla said...

How nice; another 'peace rally'. How about inviting Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Queada?

18 July, 2006 05:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terrific rally in New York!

18 July, 2006 14:43  
Blogger João said...

I represent a group of young people that studies in Lisbon University that calls "Geração de Luta".
I just want to say that everbody belives in a peaceful situation and we will pray for that. We are against this war.
We wish wou luky.
You friends
Geração de Luta

19 July, 2006 14:12  
Blogger mike said...

hello evryone israelis and lebenonis
hello evryone there who is reading this letter. first of all i want to apologaize if my english not so well but ill try o.k. i bealive that u will understand evrything.
so, here it is, first of al my name is Mike and i am from israel from Nahariya. as u know Nahariya has boombed all the time even now thia city got the most boombs from all the citys. me myself thinking that its not good and not healty to enyone. alot of peaple dying ther both of sides a lot of destruction and its very bad. but u know what and i know deep in my heart that u r lebenonis who lives ther in the south u hate the Hizbala and dont want them there at all couse they r destroy your life there and threat u that hey will kill u and your family and i thing beacouse that u cant do nothing. so what i advising u to all the lebenonis that against that hizbala write here in the internet as more ull write as many peaple will indentify with us and maybe like that we will get out the fucking hizballa to syria!!!!! i know that u r not guilty at all, maybe a little that u dont fight with syria, maybe u r afraid from them but if u all will go and ull be against syria evrything could change. syria and eran r guilty with evrything eran suplay the money and syria the man to hizbala, this 2 countrys r need to "fix" them and kill al who threaten on the world.
and this is a big message to syria and eran, u r so week, so week that u already start to talk like chikens before someone came to u and talk with u, yes yes and remmember one thing and save it into your head for on's and all: israeli army is the best in the world it was always we r the best and we dont afraid nothing at all!!! maybe we r not suicide and not fanatik like u (hizbala) beacouse its not in our religene that "fanatik" word and even not in yours its something that u made it up, but dont worry this time its for real and this time its to the end and dont worry syria u r not so threat like u r show your self, and we and i and i bealive all the lebenonis pray that israel army will bombed u for once at all. dont worry it will come and when it will come..... u will see and u will cry so many tears will fall from u like the our and lebenonis tears that falling now at this days.

u know what i realy dont understand but all the world and i mean al the world have problem with the muslems why for got sick only with u? something is wrong with u gugs, maybe u want to rull of all over the world and if u cant so u go to other option to suicite, tis is good? ha?

20 July, 2006 13:15  

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