Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Ambition of Nagib Mikati

The very ambitious Nagib Mikati might think that his time has come, especially after the Saudi spat with Saad Hariri and PM Fouad Seniora over their refusal of the initiative to improve the relations between Lebanon and Syria.
Mikati is presenting himself as a moderate politician that can be relied upon to lead the Sunni community in Lebanon with Saudi backing.
And now that he is loaded with cash after he took his company, Investcom, public, he is ready to spend some of it on his political future.

As a first step ex-Prime Minister Mikati, a telecom tycoon and a close friend of Bashar Assad, recruited Joseph Samaha, Editor in Chief of As Safir, to head his new daily.

Samaha, an ex-communist and a supporter of Hezbollah will be joined by Ibrahim Al Amin, the pro-Hezbollah journalist, as managing editor.

Faycal Salman, the brother of Talal Salman who owns As Safir, had reported that a group of Shiite investors intended to found a newspaper, apparently Mikati has joined them.

Mikati's project to conquer the Prime Minister's throne has just begun. Can Hariri Jr. stop him?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dog he is.

27 January, 2006 14:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

their are a lot of mistakes in your article u fail to mention that Mikati has had many opportunities and he gains and benefits nothing on a personal scale by joining the government , if you go back to records he is a very intelligent man and one that wants to improve Lebanon's infrastructure as a government and country, rather than getting busy with the little games the other politicians play, he is advocating reform and work for the people while maintaining good relations with all,rather than making him seem like a power hungry person, you should all know he is the HERO and main character that Lebanon's political and economic stage desperately needs most.

04 November, 2009 09:03  

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