Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Billion Dollar Wise Guy

Prince Talal Bin Abdel Aziz is outraged at the Lebanese who refused the Saudi initiative to end the tensions between Syria and Lebanon and he dismissed Walid Jumblat as a mercurial character.
He also asserted the superiority of the Saudis when he described the Lebanese in general derogatory terms. But he respected Hezbollah describing them as Jihadists and thought that Aoun has all the potential to become President.

Prince Talal is really enjoying undermining Saad Hariri. After all, late PM Rafic Hariri had humiliated the Prince’s son Waleed when the latter made his bid to take over Beirut politically.
And Prince Talal apparently can hold a grudge.
He remembered that Walid Jumblat had insulted his kingdom, his king, his son and least but not last, him and he surely remembered how Hariri broke Prince Waleed political raid on Lebanon.

Why else is this rich-but-unsatisfied-until-I-become-King Talal spreading his wisdom on the Lebanese situation all over newspapers and TV? Let him wise up some more and take his “liberalism” to his family that desperately needs it.

Next time, I suggest that if Prince T. has something to say about Lebanon, let it be positive. If not than let him stick his big nose in the affairs of his father’s kingdom, alternatively he can mail me a check.


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