Friday, January 20, 2006

Cyrano serves pip riddled olive bread

At the spot of the old Vieux Quartier in Achrafieh, a new restaurant opened a few days ago called Cyrano. It is a French restaurant with a “haloum” salad in the starters menu.
The owner and manager of Cyrano said that his partners, over 10 ladies, insisted to have the dish in the menu. He could not but accept.

Lady partners are a good bet to get any restaurant moving. A lot of ladies with well-to-do husbands are happily investing in this business.
It is prestigious to say that they own a business, it makes a little profit that they will spend buying a couple of Roberto Cavalli evening dresses and a Jimmy Choo pair of shoes from Aishti.

Furthermore, they will take their friends to lunches and dinners at the place and that is free marketing & PR for the venture.

The French food at Cyrano is basic: the recommended salad of the day was a well presented endive and Roquefort salad. Another good starter is the fresh octopus that comes with a delicious vinegar sauce. As for the main dish, think of it as fish-salmon-entrecote-escalope and grilled potatoes. All this at a cost per person averaging $37, excluding wine bottles.

The strangest thing was the home made olive bread that was full of pips. The restaurant can be very noisy.


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