Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Defending Syria is..." writing proper English!

The banner behind Assad as he spoke today reads: "Defending Syria is National Right and Duty".
Who is Assad's sign writer? He should blow him up.
How credible are Assad's words if he says them under a flawed syntax.
I thought the tall-geeky-dictator was educated in London but then again he spoke of "treeessson" with Christiane Amanpour on CNN when he meant "treason".
His "I struck a deal with Kissinger and the Israelis to stay in power" dad stuck to Arabic, mini-Assad should instruct his mustachoid fans at the ministry of information to that effect.
In Beirut, the banner written in proper English would be:"Offending Assad is our National Right and our Duty."


Blogger Abou Fehmi said...

Don't be so critical please. You have to take in to account your audience. It is not the English speaking intellectuals such as yourself.
We spreak English the same way the lebanese speak French. Both are helarious. in fact, there is a nick name for the those little boys in Beirut that keep on saying "comment on dit ca en arabe?". we calle them "Francais Facile".
Here are some the funny Lebanese French expressions:
Prends sur tois: Khod aleik
Passes nous Voir: Mrok Choufna.

Brrrrrr Miao
Abou Fehmi

22 January, 2006 13:08  
Blogger Abou Fehmi said...

"Francais Facile" the e at the end is because those boys are actually girly men....

22 January, 2006 13:10  

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