Friday, January 13, 2006

Lebanese MP says that Syria could encourage new attacks in Lebanon next week

A pro-Jumblatt MP said today that Syria will probably sponsor a terrorist attack in Lebanon next week after the Lebanese refused its terms for a normalization of relations.

Indeed, Al Arabiya TV reported earlier today that “Syria has agreed to demarcate its borders with Lebanon, including the disputed Shebaa Farms, and that it will stop all media and security attacks.”
An Al Arabiya correspondent from Cairo added that Syria will indeed “help Lebanon to stop the attacks on its security.”

Commenting on the news item a pro-Walid Jumblat Member of the Lebanese Parliament said that it was probably Egyptian intelligence that leaked the report to Al Arabiya. He added that the head of Egyptian Intelligence General Omar Suleiman was behind all efforts, (including Amr Moussa’s failed attempt), to mend the relations between Lebanon and Syria.

The MP added that he saw a copy of the Syrian proposal that Syrian President Bashar Assad gave to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
He said that it was a printed on a A4 paper without any official Syrian emblem. It basically stated that Syria will coordinate with Lebanon on the security front, stop all media attacks against the Lebanese and demarcate its borders with Lebanon including the Shebaa Farms (apparently that was part was handwritten and added by General Suleiman himself). In return Syria expects Lebanon to stop all media attacks against its regime and for Lebanon to coordinate with Syria on the diplomatic front based on UN resolutions 425 and 242.

“This is unacceptable,” said the MP who added that Syria’s only aim is to dominate the security and foreign affairs of Lebanon once again.

He concluded that because Lebanon refused the Syrian proposal, the Syrian regime will probably encourage a terrorist act in the coming week.


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