Tuesday, January 24, 2006

May Chidiac to the Rescue?

The political end of the 14th of March parliamentary dominance is on the horizon. And they know it, this is why Saad Hariri, Walid Jumblat and Samir Geagea are looking to present a vote proof candidate such as May Chidiac, who lost her arm and her leg to a bomb placed under her car last year, or Dori Chamoun, the Christian leader.

After legislator Edmond Naim’s natural death, a very important election in the districts of Baabda and Alley will take place to replace him. The results of the contest could deal a great blow to the majority’s dominance that brought the current government.

Indeed, the 14th of March alliance got its current status in parliament thanks to the 11 parliamentarians from the region of Baabda-Alley, especially after the backing of Hezbollah.

Even if they lose the contest for this Maronite seat, the alliance will still hold a physical majority in parliament, but Hezbollah and Aoun would have proven that it is not legitimate and that will certainly lead to early general elections based on a new electoral law.

Now that the electoral alliance between Hezbollah, Hariri and Jumblat ended after sharp political disagreements emerged, Hezbollah is expected to back Michel Aoun’s candidate and prove that the current parliamentary majority is but a mirage.

The LF being an important member of the 14th of March, had chosen Naim as their candidate last fall, and their leader, Geagea announced that they will choose another candidate to replace him.

Aoun, who is in the opposition, said that he will also choose his candidate, which will probably be Hikmat Deeb.

Only TV presenter May Chidiac, a supporter of the LF, or Dori Chamoun, whose supporters are mainly located in the district, could present a challenge to the Aoun-Hezbollah electoral alliance. The only problem is that although originally Maronite, Chidiac became an Orthodox after her marriage.


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