Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dusty and Foggy Beirut

A foggy morning follows a dusty night

A thick cloud of dust engulfed Beirut last night and this morning it is fog's turn. Planes, however, are still landing at the airport.
Amidst the sandy mist yesterday, families, young people and tourists filled the streets, sidewalks and cafes of downtown Beirut.
The heart of Beirut is beating again. The will to live and enjoy life is stronger than the destructive instincts of our leaders or some of our TV stations.

Indeed, Samir Zaiter, a self-appointed clairvoyant, was on NTV last night predicting gloomy days of civil strife after attempts on the lives of Jumblat and Berri. And when the pretty NTV host asked the Norman Bates looking Nostradamus from Baalbek to end the program on a good note, Zaiter said that "God willing the Lebanese will avert war, but it will happen anyway".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, know this is a really silly question, especially as it is in response to something some clairvoyant has said, but I'm getting a little tired of this constant harping on impending civil war.

So when Zaiter says there will be CIVIL strife following attempts on Jumblatt and Berri, what Lebanese group exactly does he envisage as fighting and what other Lebanese group would they be fighting? Why would either attempt provoke civil strife in Lebanon?

26 February, 2006 15:29  

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