Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Accuse Iran, Syria and their Lebanese Allies

What took them so long?

The racist caricatures against the Prophet Mohammed were published 5 months ago in a country far away.
Saudi Arabia reacted by recalling its Ambassador. Other Arab and Muslim countries also took the same course of action. And people all over the Arab world started the civilized boycott of Danish products.

Then came Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader, and the exploitation started.

Iran is in a confrontation with the West. Syria is in an international and internal political quagmire and Hezbollah has been under pressure internally to give up its weapons.

The fundamentalist Shiite government of Iran, their Alawites allies in Syria and Hezbollah are exploiting the offensive caricatures to rally Muslims all over the world. They became the self-appointed defenders of the faith.

They are selling the following logic: the caricatures are part of a grand conspiracy against Islam. George Bush was serious when he said that he was on a crusade and the US and their allies want to change the holy Koran. This is why they prompted the European newspapers to insult the Prophet Mohammed. All Muslims must unite to fight the West.

The zealot Nasrallah raised the Muslim protest bar when he said a few days ago that recalling ambassadors from Denmark and other countries is not enough and he called for acts of violence against those who offend the Prophet’s name. He said this in front of thousands of his supporters, and his speech was transmitted and retransmitted on Manar TV.

On Saturday demonstrators in Syria heeded Nasrallah's call and burned the Danish embassy. Such an act could not have been committed in Syria without the blessing of the regime’s security apparatus.

And then came the Achrafieh demonstration, an originally peaceful demonstration that was hijacked by Syria’s agents, principally the Ahbash group, their Palestinian allies and other pro-Syrian Lebanese parties under the guise of defending the Prophet.

It is obvious what Syria, Hezbollah and Iran are trying to achieve in Lebanon, and that is to break the strong bonds between the Christian and Sunni communities that were created on March 14, 2005 and to create sectarian tensions that would break the government that represents the majority of Lebanese and permit Syria to dominate once again Lebanon’s politics.
Unfortunately, after today, they might succeed, especially if Michel Aoun and his supporters exploit the fear of their Christian voters to win the upcoming elections in Baabda-Alley, paving the General's way to the Presidency.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ignorance is within the Lebanese Government, its Prime Minister and in
ALL its so-called security Apparatus. There is not one single person there
with half a chicken's Brain. It was obvious for ALL since yesterday's
in Damascus that this is exactly what was about to happen as a copycat in
Beirut. Where were they to predict, Prevent, take very strong measures to
filter and canalize the demonstrators? They had the Info but their Ignorance
is tantalizing, the stupidity is overwhelming......
After this Failure, not a single christian will trust this government any more.

05 February, 2006 18:26  
Anonymous frencheagle said...


b4 they used to accuse israel of everything happening in lebanon and now they are accusing syria of everything that is happening in lebanon, without seeing that theses incidents are made by extremist already inside this country and rooting it.

they should have been taking strict measure to avoid the autority of the state and to avoid the attacks against civilian targets to happen.
i m sorry to say it but the inaction of the governement proove one more time (after the inertia due to the hezbollah presence inside it) that this governement is non viable and we should substitute it by a governement of action with people having balls to act even against their own community as far as saniora and his interior minuster didnt do anything to prevent this to happen

05 February, 2006 18:35  
Anonymous frencheagle said...

and as say the anonyme user
i dont think that new christians ll participate to the commemoration of the 14 of february and any christian that is allied with the future movement will be facing troubles toward his community.
theses extremists succeeded to disjoin all the 14 of march spirit.
it reminds me of the dark first ages of the civil wars when each part of beyrouth needed its own childs to protect it as the governemnt of that time was inactive

05 February, 2006 18:39  

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