Friday, February 03, 2006

Ibrahim the Shepherd

Ibrahim the shepherd laid lifeless next to his dead sheep.
It took one Israeli bullet to kill the sheep. But the three Israeli bullets that hit Ibrahim Rahayel in the neck, the back and the foot did not kill him immediately.
He fell on Lebanese soil, a teenager. He bled for hours under his killers’ gaze and then he died quietly.
According to As Safir newspaper, an Israeli force of about 20 commandos crossed the Lebanese border from its position in Ramta and hid behind rocks on Tuesday.
Ibrahim, the Lebanese teenage shepherd, was attending his flock 700 meters from the blue line separating Lebanon from Israel. At about 1 PM the Israeli soldiers shot seven bullets one of which hit a sheep point blank in the head.
Ibrahim carried the dead sheep and ran when the Israelis shot the 3 fatal bullets.
Three hours later, Ibrahim's father said to the newspaper, a UN patrol came to the area but did not notice his son's body.
It was Youssef who, worried about Ibrahim’s whereabouts, first got to him at sunset yesterday.
He tried to lift the body, but could not. He asked the UN peacekeepers that were nearby for help. They lifted Ibrahim’s body to their jeep and took him back home.

Today, the Islamic Resistance attacked the same Israeli position that killed the 17-year-old Ibrahim and in retaliation an Israeli fighter-bomber fired two missiles at a site west of Kfarshouba, while Israeli artillery pounded the area with 155 mm guns.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim's family is crying and his remaining sheep are without a shepherd.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing has been investigated, but in the Israeli version of the story, Ibrahim was not being an innocent shephard. Is the dead sheep real or a legend?

"Security forces have been on high alert along the northern border after a gunman from southern Lebanon infiltrated 200 meters inside Israel on Wednesday afternoon and opened fire at soldiers manning a post at Har Dov before he was shot.

While his condition and affiliation is unclear, security officials did not rule out the possibility that he is a member of Hizbullah, and are seeking to establish whether he acted alone or with others.

Soldiers manning the Zivanit outpost responded with light weapons fire and saw the gunman fall but were unable to determine the extent of his injuries, security officials said. Soldiers refrained from approaching the gunman, fearing they might be walking into a Hizbullah initiated ambush."

03 February, 2006 23:23  
Blogger JoseyWales said...

Source please for your story.
Is the first paragraph from Assafir?

Also, don't look good when major spelling mistake in title.

04 February, 2006 00:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The notion that an armed Hizbullah is necessary to protect Lebanon is pretty dubious. There are no armed militias on the Israeli-Jordanian and Israeli-Egyptian borders, yet Jordanian and Egyptian shephards never seem to get killed, nor are Jordanian and Egyptian airspaces violated. I realize that an Israeli-Lebanese peace treaty is impossible before an Israeli-Syrian treaty, but peace is the solution to the problems of South Lebanon.

(note, I'm an American Zionist, not a Lebanese)

04 February, 2006 01:13  

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