Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Notes From Kuwait

- "You are a Lebanese leader and not a Shiite Leader," Jassem Al Kharafi, the speaker of the Kuwaiti Parliament told his Lebanese counterpart, Nabih Berri, during his last trip to Kuwait, according to a local editor.
Nasser Al Kharafi, Jassem's brother, and the head of the Kharafi Group conglomerate reportedly bought 50 percent of NBN satellite TV, the channel founded by Berri.

- Kuwaiti Alshayah group, the largest franchise operator in the Middle East, is bringing the UK's leading health and beauty retailer, Boots, to the region, the H&M clothing stores and Footlocker, adding to other leading retail brands, such as Mothercare and Starbucks.
Alshayah employs over 8,500 people in the region. The company makes profits in all markets, except in Lebanon, where it has been operating for more than 10 years.

- Kuwaitis are heading to Lebanon in droves during the long-weekend of the Kuwait National Day. All Airlines heading to Beirut are fully booked for the next six days.

- The new Emir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah replaced the ailing Sheikh Saad Al Abdallah, after the latter was deposed by Parliament following the death of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed, the former long reigning Emir.
The change occurred street without any insults, threats or street demonstrations. It was done through dialogue amongst the ruling family and leading political figures.
Maybe there is a lesson there for those who seek to depose lame duck President Emile Lahoud.


Anonymous frencheagle said...


about nabil berry and lahoud
i wrote something in french about this issue if we have to oust first a puppet or a real 5th syrian column.
i was claiming that first we need to oust the 5th syrian column in lebanon, as far berry is far more dangerous now then a puppet to have a psychological impact
it s making me remembering of the german attacking towns and therefore secondary targets to have a psychological impact instead of primary targets ex factories and plants which are leading.

berry is for a primary target as he is the strong guy since we are in a parlementary system.

u can read it this is french

21 February, 2006 11:30  

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