Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rap(p)ing Lebanon

The Sun reported today that Mohammed Kamel Mostapha, 24, son of Abu Hamza, a cleric with a hook instead of a hand who was jailed in the United Kingdom for insighting hate, is pursuing a solo rap career. He had launched the Lionz Of Da Dezert band last year and is now aiming for solo success.

Mostapha sings the following lyrics:

"I was born to be a soldier,
Kalashnikov in my shoulder,
peace to Hamas and Hezbollah,
that’s the way of the lord Allah . . .
we’re Jihad through,
defend my religion with the holy sword."
(Mostapha/Al Ansari aka MC Hamza)

If only some of the leaders we know could rap as well as MC Hamza, they would probably sound something like this:

I am the Bey I am Jumblat
I look thin but my bank account is fat
I shift right and I shift left
But I'm really good at pure theft
I took from Damascus and from Teheran
I took from the Saudi man and never had a plan
As long as my cash flow is never low
I don't care about your children, yo!

(MC FrogEyes)

Burn Solidere burn the rich
I'll do it if you don't gimme this bitch
She's the presidency and she's mine
I'll audit you all and I'll call you swine
You're maybe criminals but I am crime
You must understand that bitch is mine

(MC General Nutter)

S.A.A.D., Saad is my name
I don't know how I got in that messed up game
I was partying all night
Never been in a fight
Until they killed my dad
And they made me mad
And Like Samson in the Bible whose hair was cut
I'll bring the temple down on everybody's butt

(MC Truth)

I’m the president I’m the king
I’m in awe of my power and my bling
My master is gone and my minions are in jail
I stashed a few millions and I’m ready to bail
I can barely speak but my son is rich
Let Aoun take the chair and deal with this bitch

(MC Mini Prez)

The dictator that’s me and I am the heir
Freddie Kruger was mad but I am your nightmare
The neighbour with the bomb that’ll blow you away
I have servants in your house that’ll make you pay
Condi Bush Chirac, you think they’re your friends
I’ll give them my soldiers in Iraq and make you beg for amends

(MC Scary Neighbour)

I’m the only warlord that paid the price
I admit I killed and wasn’t very nice
Now I’m a new man you can see me on TV
Night after night on the L.B.C.
Preachin’ a wisdom that I only understand
I even joined the 14th of March band
The sea is in front of me and my enemy is behind
The presidency is not Aoun’s she’s mine mine mine

(MC InMate)

Thanks MC Hamza for supporting me
But crazier than thou I will be
I’m not paranoid ‘cause Zion is everywhere
Just listen to your prime minister Tony Blair
My weapons are mine Jumblat can choke
Even if Lebanon will soon go broke
Paris one or two Beirut one or three
I only get my orders from Khamanei

(MC Hammer, God’s Hammer)


Blogger Doha said...

Nice job on the rapping!

28 February, 2006 18:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is zadigvoltaire and i'm a geek
i love writing dumb ass shit cuz i'm freak.
I told you guys that i'm as dumb as i look
but i love aoun cuz he's a f'n crook.
Maybe some day if i keep writing idiotic things i may get paid
or maybe even better i may get laid.
i am pro syrian rat and love bashar and aoun is my hero cuz i'm a hmar.



28 February, 2006 22:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok I am confused by the comment before me!
I read the article and I don't see any hint that the author is pro-aoun. Really? am I mistaken?
Also I don't think that this 'constructive' attitude by that guy who wrote the comment will lead us somewhere...
"Pro syrian scum"??? "Aoun Pro-syrian?????????"
Ok someone is not making sense.

28 February, 2006 23:19  
Anonymous Mo' said...

This guy Zadig he don't give a damn

For any of those leaders 'cause they're all a sham

Comment number two is kind of fun
But angry readers like this shouldn't own a gun

The comment was writen by someone who can't even read
The writer was probably doped up like this other guy Walid

01 March, 2006 00:53  

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