Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Syrian Ghost Haunts Jumblat

According to a source close to Syria's allies in Lebanon, Walid Jumblat recently called a high ranking General he knew in Syria asking for a new begining with the regime.

The security contact said that he would have to ask Bashar Assad, which he did.
He then called back the Druze leader, who is still hiding in his ancestral home of Mukhtara, telling him that Assad does not think that someone like Jumblat is worth it.
The Syrian general informed Jumblat that he should not worry about his security and that Syria will not harm him.
He then congratulated him on the new egg that the stork he keeps in Mukhtara had. Jumblat was at a loss. How could this Syrian know about the stork on the same day of it laying the egg?

On another day, according to the same pro-Syrian source, Jumblat sent his motorcade in advance to an appointment as a security precaution and he took a simple taxi to the place. On his way his phone rang and a voice with a Syrian accent said: "riding in a taxi doesn't suit you Walid Bey".


Blogger raf* said...

dear z,

this sounds interesting. but it could also be completely made up. do you have a source for that?


02 February, 2006 11:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His security apparatus is infiltrated, like Hariri's.

They can get him

02 February, 2006 12:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've noticed from several of your posts that you tend to publish items without backing them with fact, identifiable sources or credibility to support the lack of sources.

While I do respect your right to post freely on the Internet, you should be careful in framing rumors with a newsworthy headline.

02 February, 2006 12:44  
Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for your notice. However, as I said earlier, the source for the Jumblat story was from someone who has extensive contacts with pro-Syrian politicians.
I reported what I was told from a source I trust and I am not spreading rumours.
The same is valid for other fact based stories.
The rest is just my opinion.


02 February, 2006 13:43  
Anonymous ghassan said...

Do you really expect readers to take such posts seriously? I am afraid that this is a waste of broadband.

02 February, 2006 15:21  
Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

02 February, 2006 15:37  
Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

If you do not take these posts seriously than maybe will suit you better.

02 February, 2006 15:37  
Blogger raf* said...

dear z,

fair enough. you know what you're doing. readers will decide whether they trust your own judgement about your sources or not.

i don't see a problem with that as long as one doesn't write "mr. x, who is in iraq right now, works for the mossad" without having really good sources & publishing them, lest one would like to be responsible for somebody else's execution.

needless to say, i don't see that danger in the lebanon-syria situation.


02 February, 2006 16:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do u get this stuff from? Are you PRO syrian? The swan layed an egg...why don't you reveal "your source" or are you maing shit up! which i believe you are. Let me guess, you are a lahoud lover, and aoun lover?

Give me a break damn PRO syrian rat!

02 February, 2006 20:02  
Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

Syria my poor sister, what are you going to eat this winter
When you spend all your buns, on your late president's sons

Syria where is your will to fight, did you lose it in the Golan Heights
Or was it imprisoned for the Arab cause, while your leaders traded with your foes

Tiny Lebanon is yours your leaders made you dream, while they raped your consciousness and guzzled cherries and cream
My freedom and independence are sacred, and I will respect yours even if you stand internationally naked


Don't worry I see it coming from afar, I see the end of your infamy and the last dance of your lanky Bashar

02 February, 2006 21:25  
Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

02 February, 2006 21:29  
Blogger zadigvoltaire said...

I am no pro-Syrian, but from your language it seems that you were educated in Anjar University under the direct supervision of Dr. Abu Abdo.
And I bet your favourite classical ballet is Swan Beyk and by the way if you had gone through my posts you would have known that I am pro...Shakira.

02 February, 2006 21:33  

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