Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The "Let's Kill Tourism" Demonstration

Pictures Special for Beirut Notes (N)

Views from Byblos, Roman baths in Beirut and inside an 18th Century Greek Orthodox Church and a Mosque in Beirut.

The number of tourists visiting Lebanon has increased 18 percent so far this year as compared to 2004 which was a record year.

And Syria and Iran's allies and the power-crazed-Hafez-Assad-Saddam-Hussein-wannabe ex-general and permanent nut, Michel Aoun are taking their frustrations to the streets.
Lebanon becoming a democratic country with borders, a vibrant economy and an open society, where Islam and Christianity live in harmony is not their plan.

The spiteful hordes of Iran, Syria and Christian Aounistan are determined to ruin the chance that regional circumstances gave us to build a nation and an economy.

Byblos, the roman baths, our ancient churches and mosques, our rich history and the summer season mean nothing to those who care about loftier causes than the prosperity of Lebanon.

They have great causes indeed. The well being of the Assad family, the Iranian nuclear bomb and last but not least transferring the Presidency from a suntanned egocentric general with a lisp to a paranoid self obsessed nut of a general with an eye twitch.

Great plans indeed. Let us all join the Let's Kill Tourism and Prosperity demonstration tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kif se2abit l general that u r talking about has at least 70% support from ALLL lebanese.
and by the way even the money that will come to lebanon by the increase of tourisim, it will be STOLEN back by the inhibited government so no money anyway.

09 May, 2006 16:20  
Blogger EvilConCarne said...

Can someone explain to me where this 70% support of all Lebanese statisctic comes from????

09 May, 2006 20:05  
Blogger Annie said...

We must ask ourselves - Just why do despotic leaders fear democracy and economic prosperity for their people?

09 May, 2006 20:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am with you. How pathetic Aoun has become. He is a certifiable insane nut job. However, I think the idiot are those who follow this dumb ass of a leader. It must be the water...Do you wonder what kind of IQ do Hizbullah and Aoun followers have. Worst than sheep. It is aggravating listening to these idiots who a devoid of ambition and self respect

09 May, 2006 23:13  
Anonymous frencheagle said...

instead of talking about killing tourism, look to the facts , even with all what happened last year, beirut's hotels got a high occupancy rates, it s not about the events but about the current trends that are switching
(check the EUI report about trends in tourism)

now about tomorrow, ask yourself what this government reached as result.
maybe it s better in that optic to pass to something else

talks, no actions and paralysis

it s not a government of action
anyway with last 5 of feb events, this government is dead.
and besides that the news abroad are really different that what we hear in lebanon. i m feeling here the mediatic axe related to current political persons are controling the news for their own interests
one advice:
check out the brasilian stories of rana koleilat

10 May, 2006 00:48  
Blogger Fadi said...

so u actually believe that tourism is going to be affected by a peaceful demonstration. LOL. I really do not see how this demonstration is relevant to tourism and how u linked it to tourism. If people started getting shot then maybe i'd side with you, but nothing happened. Second, the lack of economical context in your post also knocks it down to the floor. In economics there's something called the long-run and the short-run. If these demonstrations work, and let's just say that they do affect tourism, toppling the government would allow the rise of a more competent government that actually cares about the people, and not about it's personal interests, hence most areas outside of beirut are still underdeveloped. Another aspect of economics that u can talk about is that a country's economy cannot only depend on tourism. Saying that these demonstrations will efect tourism is childish if you allow me to say becuase it directly points out how the government actually has not been able to create any strong agricultural sector, or heavy to ligh industrial sector, and which therefore only strengthens the claim that they are incompetent and should not be where they are right now.


13 May, 2006 06:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, yesterday New TV said that Ministers in the parlament get 10,500,000 L.L. every month as wages. Deputies get 8,500,000 L.L.

Stop accusing people and forces who never participated in the parlaiment of parralysing tourism.

Please, people are dying and our money is going to the Goverment. I think they should pay us and not vise versa.

Guilds also participated in the late demonstarion and the members of the guilds are not part of Hizbullah or Liberal Patriots Party.

15 May, 2006 16:30  
Blogger mike said...

hello evryone israelis and lebenonis
hello evryone there who is reading this letter. first of all i want to apologaize if my english not so well but ill try o.k. i bealive that u will understand evrything.
so, here it is, first of al my name is Mike and i am from israel from Nahariya. as u know Nahariya has boombed all the time even now thia city got the most boombs from all the citys. me myself thinking that its not good and not healty to enyone. alot of peaple dying ther both of sides a lot of destruction and its very bad. but u know what and i know deep in my heart that u r lebenonis who lives ther in the south u hate the Hizbala and dont want them there at all couse they r destroy your life there and threat u that hey will kill u and your family and i thing beacouse that u cant do nothing. so what i advising u to all the lebenonis that against that hizbala write here in the internet as more ull write as many peaple will indentify with us and maybe like that we will get out the fucking hizballa to syria!!!!! i know that u r not guilty at all, maybe a little that u dont fight with syria, maybe u r afraid from them but if u all will go and ull be against syria evrything could change. syria and eran r guilty with evrything eran suplay the money and syria the man to hizbala, this 2 countrys r need to "fix" them and kill al who threaten on the world.
and this is a big message to syria and eran, u r so week, so week that u already start to talk like chikens before someone came to u and talk with u, yes yes and remmember one thing and save it into your head for on's and all: israeli army is the best in the world it was always we r the best and we dont afraid nothing at all!!! maybe we r not suicide and not fanatik like u (hizbala) beacouse its not in our religene that "fanatik" word and even not in yours its something that u made it up, but dont worry this time its for real and this time its to the end and dont worry syria u r not so threat like u r show your self, and we and i and i bealive all the lebenonis pray that israel army will bombed u for once at all. dont worry it will come and when it will come..... u will see and u will cry so many tears will fall from u like the our and lebenonis tears that falling now at this days.

u know what i realy dont understand but all the world and i mean al the world have problem with the muslems why for got sick only with u? something is wrong with u gugs, maybe u want to rull of all over the world and if u cant so u go to other option to suicite, tis is good? ha?

20 July, 2006 13:20  
Anonymous red flag said...

to whom it may concern;

concerning the politic situation in lebanon and with respect to all ur opinions, u know nothing about the rules of the game.
u talk about michel aoun as if he is the promised man who will lead us to freedom, or about sa3ed el din hariri like a hero or any other politician in this country. i wish things are so simple like u believe. but politics are played on massive scale, big countries like the states, france, russia... take controle of us. it is a joke that we can live alone in this country with no interference, u have seen during the last war in july2006 how if they feed us we eat but if not we die starving. the whole world is interrelated geogarphical borders are made by humans but in deed there is no borders for any country. isn't how the earth was before civilization?

do u believe that during this war that the two parts that were fighting were really do so, or this is a fight between two different regimes? if u think so believe me u are idiots. hezbollah is in the same side of isreal even though they are fighting. they might fight for different idologies but at the end they both provide benefits for the same regime that cerated both of them( usa). saddam hussein for example was made by the americans and it was published that he was fighting them.....

the victory that was given to hezbollah is not for free and it is not that hezbollah really defeated the isrealy army but in fact they made him look victorious in order to increase its power as preparation period for the new struggle thaT will and is taking place ( chi3a and sinna fighting agianst each other) which will put isreal on the safe side while the arabes are busy to fight them selves.

what i want to show is not to get stuck in the small ended roads of the politics that are played in lebanon. scatch ur mind, see the world with both eyes, and search for real knockledge for ways to increase ur understanding of things are done because the truth of everything is never found on the cluster rather deep inside

31 August, 2006 16:58  

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