Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sexual Healing

When I heard the rumour that a prominent Lebanese politician was spending a lot of time in Europe because of a love affair with a diplomat, it made me happy.

They are the talk of the town. They are seen everywhere together in the diplomat's city. They share the same hotel and they are true love birds.

I wish more politicians find themselves extramarital affairs and release their frustrations and complexes.

It would do Lebanon a lot of good to see some of the most nervous and angry leaders in the arms of a lover who would take them away from their daily rants on the airwaves.

Lovers of our politicians should get lessons from Monica Lewinsky in the art of easing tension. Look at the cool attitude of Bill Clinton.

But come to think of it, Adolph Hitler had Eva Brown and that only made him crazier and Benito Mussolini had Clara Petacci and that did not ease his megalomania.

However, I sincerely hope that love and respect of women and country replace our politicians lust for power.


Blogger AbdulKarim said...

Who's that politician and who's his lover???

25 June, 2006 12:03  
Blogger Ghassan said...

Are you back to your old tricks of spreading silly rumours without any substantiation and then claiming that you are not in a position to divulge the relevant info because it is a secret.

25 June, 2006 18:59  
Blogger Fares said...

where is the arab brain:adding logic into the Arab/Israeli conflict and arab leaders

29 June, 2006 06:38  
Blogger mike said...

hello evryone israelis and lebenonis
hello evryone there who is reading this letter. first of all i want to apologaize if my english not so well but ill try o.k. i bealive that u will understand evrything.
so, here it is, first of al my name is Mike and i am from israel from Nahariya. as u know Nahariya has boombed all the time even now thia city got the most boombs from all the citys. me myself thinking that its not good and not healty to enyone. alot of peaple dying ther both of sides a lot of destruction and its very bad. but u know what and i know deep in my heart that u r lebenonis who lives ther in the south u hate the Hizbala and dont want them there at all couse they r destroy your life there and threat u that hey will kill u and your family and i thing beacouse that u cant do nothing. so what i advising u to all the lebenonis that against that hizbala write here in the internet as more ull write as many peaple will indentify with us and maybe like that we will get out the fucking hizballa to syria!!!!! i know that u r not guilty at all, maybe a little that u dont fight with syria, maybe u r afraid from them but if u all will go and ull be against syria evrything could change. syria and eran r guilty with evrything eran suplay the money and syria the man to hizbala, this 2 countrys r need to "fix" them and kill al who threaten on the world.
and this is a big message to syria and eran, u r so week, so week that u already start to talk like chikens before someone came to u and talk with u, yes yes and remmember one thing and save it into your head for on's and all: israeli army is the best in the world it was always we r the best and we dont afraid nothing at all!!! maybe we r not suicide and not fanatik like u (hizbala) beacouse its not in our religene that "fanatik" word and even not in yours its something that u made it up, but dont worry this time its for real and this time its to the end and dont worry syria u r not so threat like u r show your self, and we and i and i bealive all the lebenonis pray that israel army will bombed u for once at all. dont worry it will come and when it will come..... u will see and u will cry so many tears will fall from u like the our and lebenonis tears that falling now at this days.

u know what i realy dont understand but all the world and i mean al the world have problem with the muslems why for got sick only with u? something is wrong with u gugs, maybe u want to rull of all over the world and if u cant so u go to other option to suicite, tis is good? ha?

20 July, 2006 13:18  
Blogger AJ said...

Hi Mike,‎

Well, I have to admit that your English is bad. But that shouldn't be a reason to spare ‎you. I guess your information about Hezbollah is coming from your "great" intelligent ‎sources. Surprise, we all love Hezbollah and we support them. You guys will not ‎survive in this region without using your brains. Although you use them to make more ‎wars, but you didn't figure out that on the long run you can't keep terrorising people ‎by your Israel Aggression Force.‎

Wake up man and go tell you government to work for peace before it is too late. You ‎have millions of people around you that think that you are sick. We hate to kill ‎anybody and we don't have anything against the people living in Israel, but forget ‎about keeping your sick regime.‎

05 August, 2006 18:45  

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