Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wake up Israel!

Last night Walid Jumblatt asked:"To whom will [Sayyed Hassan] Nasrallah give his gift of victory [over Israel]? To the Lebanese people or to Iran and Syria?"
And Nasrallah answered tonight when he said:"Hezbollah's victory is for Lebanon and for all the Lebanese...Christians and Muslims... Our victory will make Lebanon more united than ever."

If Nasrallah is sincere, and he usually is, than Hezbollah should win. The Israelis destroyed my country and my life and put their country for the first time since the creation of their state under direct attack.

Their military adventure and their refusal to seek a peaceful solution with their neighbours has exposed them. Might might be right for a short period but geography and history will always prevail.

I call upon the Israelis to stop this useless slaughter, vote their present government out and go back to the negotiating table.

The Arabs were clear. They want peace, a just peace. In 2002 at the Arab Summit in Beirut, Arab states proposed a peace initiative that was rejected by Israel. In 2003, a group of Israelis and Palestinians worked out a virtual peace solution in Geneva and again it was rejected by Israel.

A just peace is the solution. Bunker buster bombs, the killing of innocent children or the destruction of Lebanese villages, will only create more hatred, radicalism and misery.

Wake up Israel!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is that what you think is just does not usually seem just to Israelis. What do you mean by a just peace?

80+ percent of Israelis support the actions of the government. If you really want this to end please talk to Nasrallah. We are committed to continuing the war until HA is disarmed, however long it takes. I think you really should understand that this time Israel means what it says. We even rejected the request from the UN for a three day cease fire.

Wake up Lebanon and rid yourself of HA!

29 July, 2006 23:04  
Anonymous Viking said...

Anonymous: You totally disgust me and all other Europeans. Your disrespect for human life and suffering has more in common with historical figures like Hitler and Stalin than anything else.

Israel is clearly a terror state with a population that is totally brainwashed by its own state-controlled media. I doubt you understand the amount of destruction and suffering your army has brought upon innocent people and how *evil* those acts are.

"Everyone hates us!", well no surprise. Killing people's children is usually not something you get loved for!

29 July, 2006 23:13  
Blogger Ofer said...

First get your facts straight. Israeli cities have been targeted many times before. Before 1967, Syria would regularly shell the Israeli towns at the foot of the Golan. During the first gulf war, Scud missiles fell on Tel-Aviv (by the way, 200 meters from my house).

And second: what are you talking about "Their military adventure and their refusal to seek a peaceful solution with their neighbours". How short is your memory ? Hizballah militants crossed the internationally recognized blue line into Israeli soil, killed and abducted Israeli soldiers who were peacefully patrolling the boarder. Is that your idea of a peaceful solution. Your double standard truely amazes me. Get it into your head: Israel was provoked. Israel was attacked. You (the Lebanese moderates) let it happen. You (the Lebanese moderates) sat back and watched Hizballah build its forces on the boarder with Israel, preparing for this day, and you did nothing about it. Yeah, I know you have a weak military and that you are terrified of civil war, but that does not excuse the fact that you allowed Hizballah to use your boarder to attack us. Your neglect is responsible for the outbreak of this war. Stop whining and take some responsibility. Your weakness and unwillingness to take a stand against the fanatics in your country caused this war. Israel was attacked by Lebanon and is now returning fire. Israel is merely defending itself. Stop the propaganda and the hypocracy. If you want "a peaceful solution with their neighbours", then get off of your asses and make sure that the fanatics in your country doesn't use your boarders to attack your neighbors. Sovereignty = responsibility.

Ofer (

29 July, 2006 23:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First Anonymous, you should be a more up to date to the flipflopping of your government on this war. I know they told you earlier they won't stop before they disarm Hizbollah. But according to their latest statements here they changed their mind and you didn't notice.

To save you the trouble of clicking the link I will quote "Israel will not demand the immediate disarming of Hizbollah as part of a deal to end the fighting in Lebanon, a senior Israeli official said on Saturday.".

So I guess you should get yourself a new set of arguments and things to ask from us Lebanese.

Oh and it is lovely how you are bragging about rejecting a 3 days humanitarian cease fire. You want us to wake up? We'd rather never wake up and die than become criminals like you.

Hizbollah might be terrorists but at least they are not bragging about not accepting a humanitarian cease fire to let the civilians die under siege.

Just Another anonymous.

29 July, 2006 23:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you all need to weak up. By analyzing the events I realize that this conflict is just the start of a bigger conflict the Middle East war. From the beginning Syria and Iran were criticized for supporting the HA by the Israel and US governments. From the latest news that US provided two airplanes with laser guided missiles tells me that this missiles are not for Lebanon since Lebanon does not have any strategic targets (long rang missile bases) to hit and all the targets are hit already and can be hit without these missiles as it is being done. I think that these missiles will be targeting the Syria if a war sparks with it. I hope that this will not happen but the possibility is greater. Peace to all!

29 July, 2006 23:41  
Blogger ibn nagrela said...

here is a fair proposal to mitigate zionist hegemony:

* israel's return to 1967 borders; including return of shebaa farms to lebanon which syria has already agreed

* exchange of prisoners

* 25km buffer zone on both sizes of israeli-lebanon border monitored by un multinational force

* hibullah agreement to nationalise its military wing as a separate "command" within laf

* hizbullah agreement to sever military command & control ties to mugniyah

* hizbullah/nasrallah agreement to appoint new military leadership for laf hizbullah command, including a separate cic with authority equivalent to current cic michel sleiman

* hizbullah agreement to allow laf inventory of all munitions, place all such inventories under laf procurement & control

* admission by idf that the idf patrol ambushed by hizbullah reported on 12 jul was on the LEBANESE side of the israeli-lebanon border at or near aitaa al-shaab and that idf patrols ROUTINELY cross the border into lebanese territory on such patrols

* admission by hizbullah that killing and capturing idf forces on 12 jul was an unnecessary provocation despite idf's unauthorised, provocative incursion into lebanese territory

30 July, 2006 00:26  
Blogger Tal said...

dear Viking,

Can I offer some facts that will chill you off ? do you remember how it all started ? by an un provoked act of war coming from the Lebanese side of the border ? by houndred of rockets fired at pure civilian targets in Israel after Israel hit HA military targets in Lebanon ?

was your country ever under attack after ww2 ? when was the last time you were afraid to take a bus ride for fear of a suicide bomber ? were you or dear fellow "Europeans" ever facing the dilemma of hitting terrorists that take refuge and fire at 100% civilian targets from within UN posts, schoold or churches ?

so how easy is it to criticize when you know so little ? do you know that on 2000 Israel returned to the int'l border with Lebanon, under UN blessing ? did HA voluntarily put down it's weapons and started building schools and hospitals for the benefit of Lebanese people ? or prepare for the next war ?

we have much simpathy for poor Lebanese that suffer as a result of this war. But who's to blame ? who's the agressor ? has any sane Arab country called Israel the agressotr here ?

you said "Israel is clearly a terror state with a population that is totally brainwashed by its own state-controlled media"

for the record: Israel is the sole true democracy in the region. Arab-Israelis enjoy full equallity and in fact have by far more civil liberties than any person in any other Arab/muslim country. And if this is not enough - there's no state-owned media in Israel. They're all private and freedom of the press is rated somewhere between the US and the UK. Sorry if that doesn't meet your "European" standards. And as to us being a "clearly a
terror state", this isn't even worth consideration. But I will give you one - show me another democracy in the world today that its soon-to-be-nuclear-neighbors-thanks-to-you-know-who overtly defy its right to exist. imagine yourself living in such coutry. what will you do ? what will your public opinion require ? how would you react to afression ? how edgy would you become?

have a great life buddy, try to educate yourself more before diving into conflicts you know so little about. Life is more complicated than what you see on a 20 second clip in the evening news.

Tal from TelAviv

30 July, 2006 00:37  
Anonymous wake up lLebanon said...

What victory Nasrallah is bringing?

1. 600++ dead civilians and couple of hundreds dead Hezbollah terrorists & Thousands of wounded.

2. His stronghold Beirut's neighborhood is completely destroyed. Bint Jbail is a ruin city. And this will be the destiny of the rest of Lebanese cities along the border (Idf pulled out to let the airforce destroying it for good).

3. All the roads and bridges leading south are destroyed.

4. 600.000 of his people are dislocated, while most of them will not have homes to return to

5. Major Arab countries opposed him

6. The whole world view him as Bin Laden "twin soul"

7. Even if he'll survive the war, He will be chased by Israel and Western security agents. Thus, he won't have a minute of quiet. He and his family will have to hide for the rest of their lives.

And the war is not yet finished…. He has surprises, but Israel and U.S. has their own surprises.

Is this a Victory?? Well, if you ignore the destiny of your own people and your loyal fighters and care only about your personal survival, you may call it victory.

No decent leader will call this a victory

30 July, 2006 01:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that the the moderate Lebanese will rather roll over and die than fight against HA.
Fine, but please excuse us "criminals" in Israel that prefer to live. The middle east is a tough neighborhood. Next time we fight the Swiss we will be sure to follow the Geneva convention. In this fight it is HA which are dictating the rules. We either give up or fight to win. We will fight to win. We understand that you look down on us as is your right and that you will move quietly to Europe from where you will criticize everybody. But at least your hands will be clean and you will be morally superior to all of us. In the end your true natrue is that of hedonistic slaves for which freedom does not mean anything.

30 July, 2006 01:37  
Anonymous p4l said...

First anonymous: you said "80+ percent of Israelis support the actions of the government."

I am wondering how this is possible as there is 20% of arab Israelis in Israel (look here) and they surely don't agree with the present slaughter strategy of the Israeli government. Additionnally, not 100% of jew Israelis support what is happening now. So 80+ is plain false. Hence, this is plain propaganda.

Peace to Lebanon.

30 July, 2006 02:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Propoganda? Take a look at:
The item is titled "Poll Shows that Most Israelis Want to Hit Lebanon Harder"
The moderate Lebanese are missing the big picture. There is no way to beat HA and be moral according to western standards. This is a heart wrenching decision that Israelis have made. We will be less moral now for the sake of our children who then can have clean hands. We are taking responsibility. You are not. Yes you are more moral short term, but long term you are hedonistic slaves that are giving excuses why not to fight for freedom. You deserve to live in a theocratic Shia state. Why don't you move straight to Iran?

30 July, 2006 02:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all Lebanese who are with HA,
1st of all I am also Lebanese, I just don't understand the justification of backing this group, I just read that 82% OF US ARE FOR HA'S win!?!?!?
In my opinion, you guys just sold out to Syria one more time, I just hope this Idiot (Nasrallah)doesn't turn this country into TALABAN! Wake up and smell the STINCH!
Good luck to all LEBANESE! I just hope I'm wrong!

30 July, 2006 05:29  
Anonymous Lemur said...

I can't believe the people here (all over the media and in misguided protests in cities across the U.S.) Israel is killing civilians, women and children. It is very sad indeed but Israel is attempting to attack military targets, which is very hard to do when the "military" hides in with the civilians in their homes, in their places of work and worship. The Lebanese "military" as some people seem to want to think of them as are lobbing missles at towns deliberately targeting non-military targets. Which one is morally right? I think it is obvious. I am so tired of this double standard. Hizballah are evil, plain evil. They want to kill as many israel's and Jews as they can. I wish the Israelis God speed, you are truly doing the right thing here.

Despite what the Western media says most of America is behind you, if push comes to shove we will be there to back you up.

30 July, 2006 08:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lemur you must be out of this world. Israel is not fighting against the Lebanon government or its army. Israel is fighting against Hezbollah, that is what they say. The people get angry because Israel is bombing in the areas where there are no Hezbollah fighters; thus they are all in the south of Lebanon near to the border with Israel.
And then you say you can’t believe the people! Do a little bet reading before getting in to it please.

30 July, 2006 09:17  
Anonymous AN ANSWER TO P41 said...

The Arab population in Israel is not all Muslims. There are many Druses (serving in the army) Bedouins (also serving in the army) Christians and few other minorities.
As in a democratic state they are equal citizens. They enjoy more freedom, better life, better education and better social welfare then their brothers in neighbors' countries.

Most of them are living in the North and are also under attack each day. Therefore, only minority of them are not supporting the military actions against Hezbollah terrorists.

I have many Arab friends; all of them want to see the Hezbollah terrorists wiped out. They sympathize with the tragedy of the innocents people in Lebanon (as me and other Israelies do)but they also sympathize with the north Arab population in Israel that suffer from the Hezbollah.

If you'll consider the above, you'll not be surprised of the Vast support in military action of Israel againt Hezbollah.

30 July, 2006 09:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an Israeli who strongly opposes his government's actions in Lebanon, I think Europeans (like viking) have no moral basis to preach to me. We are seeing European racism raising its head against Islam, and history has seen the power of Christian racism in the 30's and 40's. It has inflicted more suffering on the world than all of the atrocities inflicted in the name of Islam or Judaism.

The actions of the HA caused the eruption of the most basic fears of the citizens of my counrty. I know my country will come to regret its violent and thoughtless knee-jerk reaction, but I can't think of many political or military leaders that would not have reacted in the same way. Maybe the Dalai Lama. So, let's stop this kindergarten argument above, and realize that the HA and other fundamentalists (Moslem, Jewish and Christian) are delighted by the mutual accusations, and by the bloodshed. These help them sow the seeds of hate that will grow into the wars of tomorrow. Our role is to voice the opinion that in this bloodshed the only victors are the extermist fundamentalists on both sides, and everyone else is a victim. Everyone. No exception.


30 July, 2006 11:54  
Anonymous outsider said...

I can only repeat what anonymous poster 11:54 said: "Our role is to voice the opinion that in this bloodshed the only victors are the extermist fundamentalists on both sides, and everyone else is a victim. Everyone. No exception.".

I thought the Israeli reaction to July 12 completely over the top. But this latest atrocity was inevitable given: 1) the Israeli army's tendancy to shoot first, negotiate afterwards with the people left standing, and 2) the callous tactics of Hezbollah placing military operations in civilian zones.

This was a catastrophe just waiting to happen. Once the anger subsides, Lebanon is going to have to ask itself some very, very hard questions. The responsibility of HA in this tragedy is clear. They know the Israelis are trigger happy. They knew this would happen sooner or later.

The question is: how to move forward? I can only see a regional solution. Israelis saying July 12 was unprovoked is disingenuus. We all know there will be no solution until the situation in Palestine is resolved. And for that, people on both sides are going to have to make major concessions. The "settlements", recognition of the Israeli state, the Golan heights, disarment or at least institutionalisation of the HA arsenal - and that's not even getting into individual responsibilities on both sides for war crimes. Syria will have to be involved and placated in one way or another to stop the flow of hardware towards HA from Teheran. There are enough people in Jordan and Egypt that would welcome a genuine step forward. France would surely welcome an opportunity to play a role.

The people on both sides, by the way, are largely the people reading this blog. I think from all the messages (leaving aside the angriest ones due to today's horrific bombing) show that there are people who are aware of the various issues. Can you not stop for a moment, and talk to three people you know presenting an alternative view (which will be neither that of the Israeli army not Hezbollah).

Why really cares about the Golan heights or the fields? Put them up for neogotiation. What about the thousands of Palestinians in prison? Put them up for negotiation. Does anyone in Lebanon seriously believe Nasrallah is offering a future for the country? Put him up for negotiation.

Try to think in the other guy's shoes and then ask yourself: what would I be willing to give up to make him feel at ease? And then talk to two or three people you know and ask them.

The other option is to have another whole generation of people living in fear and hate, crippled economically by the burden of supporting the world's most effective self-nourishing hate machine.

30 July, 2006 23:44  
Anonymous Yishay said...

As an Israeli - I join your call. Time to wake up.

But you know, the Hamas and Hezbollah are making our job (the Israeli peace camp) very hard. I'm not justifying this war, or the attacks on Gaza (anyone remember Gaza? 97 dead in the last fortnight. Funny, its usualy Israelis that bring up the issue). I'm just saying that if we saw more Bil'in and less Qassams, maybe we would be in a better position to influence public opinion.

Notice that it was the tragedy of Qana that got people out to the streets in Israel, not Nasrallah's rockets.

31 July, 2006 02:54  
Blogger rayzer246 said...

us americans usually ahte the leaders that get us into wars. especially ones we lose. hezbollah may and i mean may win politically but financially you guys got done!

31 July, 2006 10:29  
Anonymous Israeli said...

I was an Israeli soldier and I served in Lebanon too long.

That war was stupid and caused many tragedies to Israelis and Lebanese

We protested to leave Lebanon and we did.

Instead of accusing let's try to understand each other.

my worst nightmare is to return to Lebanon as a soldier again.

All I want to do is to live my life normally and to forget about wars.

As a former Israeli soldier I was participating in killing of innocent Lebanese civilians. We didn’t like it. don’t accuse me as a murderer.

Hezbollah shot anti tank rockets toward us from their home. We fired back and killed them. We also killed the Hezbollah guys.

The Hezbollah is cynical enough to use innocent civilians as their human shield and make us kill them for our self defense.

I believe that the most of the Lebanese people want to live normally and peaceful life as we do.

keep accusing each other wont help us to reach our common goal.

Our long and bloody common history is to painful for both sides and looking for the "Bad Guys" won't help.

The middle east people should change the leaders agenda. enough with national ego and endless wars.

01 August, 2006 17:55  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...


Don't believe everything you see on T.V.!

04 August, 2006 09:55  

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